School Nurse - Mrs. Wendi Layne, R.N.  


Fever - A temperature of 100° or more. CCPS policy is that students must be fever free WITHOUT medication for 24 hours in order to return to school. Please keep them home if they've had a fever the night before.

Strep Throat - This is a highly contagious condition that is caused by a bacterial infection. Symptoms usually include a sore throat, fever and possibly a headache or stomach ache/nausea. Strep can only be diagnosed in a doctor's office, so you will need to contact your physician if symptoms are present. If your child is diagnosed with strep, they will need to be on antibiotics for 24 hours. Please send them with a doctor's note when they return.

Diarrhea and Vomiting - This is uncomfortable and being near a bathroom becomes a top priority. If these symptoms persist, you should contact your physician.

Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye - This is highly contagious and uncomfortable. Symptoms might include eyes which are itchy, red, have a yellow/white discharge or if your child wakes up in the morning and their lashes are stuck together. They also may complain of sensitivity to light. Contact your physician if you think your child has pink eye. Your child will need to have been on antibiotic drops for 24 hours in order to return to school.

Ear Infection - Symptoms could include severe ear pain, fever, dizziness or headache. Hearing loss can happen if left untreated. You should contact your physician if your child has symptoms.

Lice - Symptoms include head itching, seeing small white dots that are difficult to remove from the hair shaft or perhaps seeing the actual louse itself. If your child has lice, they are not to return to school until they have been treated. After treatment, a parent/guardian needs to drive them to school, bringing the empty bottle/box as proof of treatment, to be checked by the School Nurse, to be sure they are lice free before returning to class. Students with chronic lice may be required to be nit free before returning.

If you are unsure whether you should keep your child home, please call Nurse Wendi to discuss your individual concerns.

Click on the CCPS Health Services link for information concerning CCPS Policies and Procedures and to download the following forms.

Medication Form (Front and Back)
Dental Form
Physical Form
Physical Education Modifications
CCPS Immunization Information and FAQs

What Medications Are Allowed?

All medications require a CCPS Medication Form filled out by your child's physician. Remember - Students are not allowed to carry medication to or from school, as this is a violation of the CCPS Drug and Alcohol policy.

Exemptions include:

  • Chapstick/Lip Balm
  • Non-medicated cough drops
  • Waterless hand cleanser
  • Saline eye drops or nose spray
  • Hand creams/lotions
  • Sunscreen
  • Skin So Soft

Does My Child Need Extra Clothing?

Please send a change of weather appropriate clothes for your child to keep in their locker. Children often have spills, bathroom accidents, slip in the mud, etc. and need to change their clothing. We have a limited supply of clothing to loan in the nurse’s office, but if the clothes haven’t been returned by others, then your child having extra clothing with them will alleviate me having to call you to bring clothes. If your child has borrowed clothes, please wash and send the clothes back to the nurse so they will be available for the next time they are needed.