Dear Parents,

Hello!  My name is Sherry Wood, and I’m so happy to be your new School Nurse at Spring Garden Elementary School.  I was previously the nurse at Shiloh Middle for the last 16 years.

Picture of Ms. Wood
I wanted to take this opportunity to list a few reminders regarding health room policy and procedures.


CCPS advises that routine medications during the school day be avoided, if possible.  If it is determined that your child needs medication during the school day, please complete this medication form .  A health care provider and parent/legal guardian must complete and sign the form.   The completed form and medication with matching information must be brought to school together, by a parent or legal guardian.  The order and medication bottle will be compared and must match in order for us to be able to accept it and administer the medication to your child.  Students may not carry any medications (prescription or over the counter) to and from school, unless it’s an approved medication and the appropriate documentation is on file in the health room.

If your child has a serious illness such as Asthma or a food allergy that may result in an anaphylactic reaction, please supply me with the needed medication and orders here at school to treat your child in an emergency.


If your child is ill, please keep them home until they are well, or cleared by their health care provider to return to school.  CCPS policy states that children with a fever of 100F or greater cannot return to school until they are fever free for 24 hours without the use of a fever reducing medication such as Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) or Acetaminophen (Tylenol).    This policy helps to reduce the spread of infection within our school.   

*Due to continuous changes relating to COVID-19, please refer to the CCPS main page for current information and updates.*

Students can carry their own chapstick, non-medicated cough drops, and hand sanitizer.  We ask that you send in a note to the teacher if you are sending in cough drops.  Please remind your child to use them responsibly, and not share with other students. 


Unfortunately, lice is common among school-aged children. If you discover lice on your child, please notify me as soon as possible.  Keep your child home and treat with a medicated shampoo to kill the live lice and eggs.  It’s also important to comb all of the nits out of his/her hair. (CCPS no longer has a "nit-free policy" regarding lice as long as a lice shampoo was used, however, the removal of all nits will help to prevent re-infestation.) The morning that your child returns to school, an adult must bring the child to the health room and show the nurse an empty lice treatment shampoo bottle as proof that the student was treated for lice. At that time, I will examine your child for any live lice.  




If your child is injured and cannot participate in PE for 3 days or less, a parent note to the school will be sufficient. However, if the injury is serious or the activity restriction is longer than 3 days, a letter from the health care provider must be provided to school. If the letter does not include a return to full activity date, then the child will need a release note from the doctor in order for him/her to return to physical education classes.

Please send a change of weather-appropriate clothes for your child to keep in their locker or cubby. Children often have spills, bathroom accidents, slips in the mud, etc. and need to change their clothing. We have a limited supply of clothing to loan students, but may not have your child's size. Providing extra clothes may prevent you from having to make a trip into school to bring them to your child.  

As always, if you have any questions or needs please feel free to call me at 410-751-3433 on school days.  For additional medical related items, and necessary forms, please also visit

Thank you,
Sherry Wood, RN
SGE School Nurse