Iggy in the cafeteria              LUNCH  MENU 
Student Breakfast $1.50
Student Lunch $2.50
Milk $0.60
Ice Cream $0.75

  Please consider purchasing lunches through the prepay lunch program. This can be done for a few meals, the month, or the year.

For more information regarding Food Services please visit the CCSP Schools Nutrition Website.

If your child packs a lunch, please send napkins, spoons and/or folks in the student's lunch box. 


SGE 2019-2020 Lunch Schedule



Early Dismissal

Two-Hour Delay

PreK Breakfast 7:15-7:40 N/A N/A
Kindergarten 10:30-11:00  10:25-10:55  10:25-10:55
First 10:45-11:15  10:40-11:10  10:40-11:10
Second 11:40-12:10  9:45-10:15  11:35-12:05
Third 11:55-12:25  10:05-10:35  11:50-12:20
Fourth 11:05-11:35  9:30-10:00  11:00-11:30
Fifth 11:20-11:50  10:50-11:20  11:15-11:45

In the Event of an Emergency Closing 

Fourth  TBA
First  TBA
Fifth  TBA
Kindergarten  TBA
Third  TBA
Second  TBA

* All specials will end at 11:15, the gym walls will open at 11:15 and extra tables will be set up. The special area teachers will assist in the cafeteria.