Top Tigers show Paw Pride!

Within the framework of PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports), students will be taught behavioral expectations and then receive acknowledgement for demonstrating Top Tiger Traits through the day.

We have developed the following Top Tiger Traits to help students meet with success:

Respect is treating yourself, others and property in a positive manner.
Responsibility is taking ownership for your learning and behavior.
Honesty is being truthful with your words and actions.
Effort is striving for your personal best in everything you do. 
Paw Pride- Students who demonstrate Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and/or Effort will be recognized daily by Paw Pride tickets located in classrooms and throughout the building. The tickets will be placed in a bag within the classroom. Students will be able to save their tickets to earn rewards of their choice. Paw Pride tickets may be completed by any staff member.
Paw Pride Rewards- Reward options are determined by each grade level. Examples include: a photo with the school mascot, sitting at a different seat, lunch with an administrator, bringing an item from home, and special activities. Additionally, students attend a pep rally at the end of each marking period. These pep rallies promote school spirit while celebrating students’ accomplishments.
Home/School Connection 
To help our students meet with success, it is important for parents and the school to maintain frequent contact. The agenda/homework book is our primary method of daily communication. Students are responsible for bringing home the agenda/homework book each day. This will give parents the opportunity to review homework assignments, check for teacher notes and other important information, and write notes to teachers.
Parents are requested to sign the agenda/homework book and look at the calendar each night.