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Visiting for lunch?
Parents are welcome to have lunch with their child during their designated lunch time. For safety and liability reasons, we are not able to accommodate siblings for lunch visits. A special guest table is provided for parents wishing to have lunch with their child. If anyone other than a parent is coming for lunch, a parent is required to send in a note with the child giving permission for that person to have lunch with their child. You are welcome to purchase a school lunch or provide yourself with a lunch made at home.  Please notify the Cafeteria Manager if you plan on purchasing a school lunch. Purchased food from a fast food restaurant is not permitted.
Student Account Information
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How do I put money on the account?
Visit to add any value to the account with a credit card. (There is a small service provider fee for the transaction.) You’ll need your child’s PIN to complete the simple registration process. Please note: online payments may require up to 24 hours to process before your child can access the money in school.