Mar 09
Class Size Report & Virtual to Hybrid Change

The class size chart is available below and on the CCPS website with the latest data.  It can be accessed at this link:  Class Size Report

If your child is currently participating in the two day per week hybrid model, we assume they will now be participating in the four day in-person model.  If they are currently participating in the all virtual model, we assume they will continue to do so.  Any future changes to your child’s instructional model should be requested in writing to Mrs. Leach ( or a school administrator.  It will take up to two weeks to make the changes.


Mar 09
Dismissal Change Information



The office/school can no longer accept emails for any dismissal change. 

All notes with regards to students being released from school must be handwritten & signed by the registered parent/legal guardian. Handwritten notes need to be sent to school with your child informing us that he/she will be leaving early or will have a dismissal change for that day. If you have a true emergency and need to change your child’s dismissal, please call the school office. Otherwise, students will be dismissed their normal way.

Full day absences can still be e-mailed to

Please do not email sesattendance with any dismissal changes.  


Feb 05
Sandymount Elementary Kindergarten Registration Process

Sandymount Elementary Kindergarten Registration Process

Kindergarten Registration week for the upcoming 2021/2022 school year will be held during the week of March 8 – 12th, 2021 from 10am – 3pm. During this time, we welcome you to register any student who is at least 5 years of age on or before September 1, 2021. The process or enrollment this year is a little different. We will be using a packet system.

  • Packets will be available for pick-up in the front of the school building beginning Monday, March 1, 2021 from 10:00am-6pm. Once you have picked up your Kindergarten enrollment packet, completed all of your paperwork & gathered the necessary documents, please call the school office at 410-751-3215 to set up an in-person enrollment appointment which will occur during Kindergarten Registration Week.


  • In an effort to keep visitors & staff as safe as possible, we ask that only one parent/guardian attends the enrollment appointment. Please remember to wear a mask at all times while on school grounds. For your protection, it is recommended that you bring your own pen to sign the back of the enrollment form. Please be sure to bring your valid photo ID as well. Appointments are given between the hours of 10am-3pm. They will last about 15 minutes.


  • We will only be collecting Proof of Birth and Proof of Residence at the time of enrollment. You will receive a health packet which contains all of the forms that are required to be filled out and returned to the school office by Friday, August, 13, 2021. They will be reviewed by the school nurse before the first day of school. Please review the list of acceptable documents below:

Proof of Birth: Accepted Documents include: An original birth certificate or birth registration notice, current passport, baptismal or church certification, hospital certificate signed by physician, or legal document to verify the child’s birth date and name.

Verification of residence in the form of a current document (date on the documents must be within 60 days of enrollment): Accepted Documents include: a current public utility bill such as BGE, Potomac Edison, or cable bill, in its entirety, which would need to list the parent/guardian’s name and address as the “Service” address referenced in the upper portion of the bill; a land-line phone bill (not a wireless phone bill); a mortgage statement referencing name and address; a copy of a signed lease agreement which includes the tenant names/address as well as the signature pages of the tenant and landlord, a signed settlement document, a current property tax bill for the primary address, a deed, or a Residence Verification statement with an acceptable proof of residence from the owner of the property.

  • Pre-K interest forms for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year should be posted during Kindergarten Registration Week. The form is available electronically on the CCPS website at This form is only to express your interest in Pre-K. The actual Pre-K process won’t begin until mid-July. Please print the form, fill out all necessary information, & return it to the address at the bottom of the form.


We look forward to seeing you during Kindergarten Registration Week and are very excited to have some new friends joining our building! Please feel free to contact the school office at 410-751-3215 with any questions regarding this process.

Nov 20
Virtual Learning Schedules - Updated 11/20/20

Please click on the link for the Virtual Learning Schedules - effective 11/23/20

Virtual Learning Schedules - UPDATED 11.20.20.pdf

During the implementation of enhanced virtual instruction, students must utilize their Google Attendance Class to mark themselves present each day.  This is the same process we used at the beginning of the year and on Wednesdays.


Aug 27
Google Classroom Guide for Parents
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