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New CCPS Policy:


CCPS revised its policy and regulations regarding the use of portable electronic devices (e.g., cell phones). For students in elementary school, procedural highlights and changes include the following:

  • Students are not required or expected to bring a personally owned device to school, but if they do, they must abide by CCPS regulations. Misuse shall result in disciplinary.
  • Parents who need to make emergency contact with their child during the school day should contact the school’s main office.
  • Devices must be silenced and stored (out of sight) upon entry to the school until exit from the school. It is highly recommended that elementary students not bring their devices to school or on the school bus.
  • No portable electronic device shall be used to record, store, or transmit any type of image, sound or video except for approved projects with the express permission of school staff.
  • The audible notification sounds and volume of portable electronic devices shall be silenced or directed through headphones at school and on school buses.
  • Disciplinary action, as outlined in the CCPS student services manual, shall be taken when a student fails to follow the directions of a staff member regarding portable electronic devices or if reasonable belief exists that the student has violated the terms of the acceptable use procedures and guidelines or other school policy.

The complete policy and administrative regulations (JICJ) can be found at carrollk12.org. Search terms: board policies.