Robert Moton's Elementary School Counselor, Mrs. Suzanne Peters, provides a comprehensive guidance program in order to help all students reach their potential. Mrs. Peters is a Certified School Counselor with a Masters Degree from McDaniel College (formerly Western Maryland College).  She has been a school counselor with CCPS for 9 years and was formerly a classroom teacher. 

Robert Moton's Alternative Program Intervention Specialist, Mr. Frank Fiore, LCSW-C,  provides on-going support to students in the B.E.S.T. program.  He is a Licensed Certified Social Worker/Clinical, and has been at Robert Moton for 19 years.  Mr. Fiore earned a Master's Degree from the University of Maryland at Baltimore, School of Social Work.  Prior to coming to Robert Moton, Mr. Fiore worked at Bowling Brook Prep for 8-1/2 years and at the Baltimore County Health Department for 5 years.  

Robert Moton's Behavior Support Specialist, Ms. Karen Alderman,  provides support to students in need by creating formalized behavior plansShe is a former classroom and special education teacher with 30 years of experience working in many settings. Ms. Alderman is at Robert Moton 1 day a week and is on consult as necessary

Robert Moton's BEST Program's School Psychologist,  Dr. Michael McGrew, Ph.D.,   works through the IEP process to assess students and provide support to those with emotional and learning challenges.  He was a special education teacher, crisis counselor, and group home director before becoming a school psychologist.  He has also worked for the Department of Defense with U.S. service members' children in American schools in Germany. 

Robert Moton's  School Psychologist, Mrs. Elisheva Weinberger, 

Robert Moton's, Ms. Kayla Rivera, LGSW, is the Villa Maria Continuum counselor.  Ms. Rivera works to provide counseling service to qualifying individual students.