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Morning Class Schedule
Early Childhood Special Education Class
8:45    Arrive/Jobs & play in the Quiet area
9:30    Clean up, Dance/Sensorimotor Activities
9:40    Opening Circle
           Flag, attendance, counting, sets, singing, following directions,
           movements, imitation
10:00   Movement (“Shake Sillies Out”) and Story (focuses on listening skills,
           answering questions, vocabulary, making personal connections to
           characters and events)
10:15   Table work
10:30   Oral Motor Activity is a sound/letter/word (often vocabulary) activity for
           improving speech and letter/sound knowledge
           Wash hands/Snack (focuses on requesting, using language skills,
           eating and self-help skills, independence; students clean up trash,
           dishes, and wash table then pack their own mail)
10:50   Centers: play focuses on learning to use new and different materials
           and toys, extending time in play by self, sharing toys and playing
           with a peer, using pretend play and language to engage with others;
           we rotate through the centers throughout the month for art, building
           and quiet area with housekeeping every Thursday morning before
           we begin rotations
11:15   Clean up, coats on
           Closing Circle (Sing and send students to get coats on,
           Good-bye Song and Book)
11:25   Outside play (take book bags and dismiss from tot lot)
           If inclement weather, extended movement will be added
           to opening and more singing to closing circle.
11:45  Dismissal
Thursday Therapy Rotations 9:30-11:00 (Cognitive, Fine Motor, Language)
9:30     Include a gross motor warm up and divide into small groups to
           rotate through fine motor (speech/language (SLP), and academic
           lesson structured to meet IEP and developmental needs of students.  
 Afternoon Class Schedule
Early Childhood Special Education Class
1:15     Arrive/Jobs/floor activity-books
1:30     Dance/Opening Circle (flag, pledge, 2-hands song, calendar, song board, movement)
1:45     Letter/Sound Activity and story
2:00     Whole Group &/or Small Group Instruction
           (Fridays or last day of the week will be alphabet day-letter of the week)
2:30     Outside Play or movement
2:50     Choose/Center Play (art, housekeeping, building and quiet)
3:15     Clean up play areas
3:20     Wash hands/snack
3:35     Clean up snack/pack mail
3:40     Closing Circle (Good-bye Song and Book)
3:45     Dismissal

Special Activities:
PE                               Tuesday 2:20-2:45 (skip outside; do whole group lesson, return and do centers)
Media                         Wednesday 2:55-3:15 (extend whole/small group lesson, go from playground to media, return for snack; no centers)
Book Buddies             Fridays 2:30-2:45 beginning in January
Guidance                    4 weeks in the fall and 4 in the winter/spring
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