Contact Information

Ashlea Hagood, Special Educator 

      Fran Sitton, Instructional Assistant



Debbie Malatesta, Special Educator

Stephanie Smith, Instructional Assistant




Hattie Wheeler, Special Educator

 Serrina Davis, Instructional Assistant




Tricia Wood Special Educator

 Ashly Lane, Instructional Assistant



Behavior Specialist

Mary Mahaney





Service Providers


Chris Arthur, Adapted PE


Temporary Adapted PE

William Vandergrift



Meira Labrie, SLP

Jen Knight, OT



Amy Schueler Dowell, SLP



Deb Portney, PT



Yona Schaap, OT



Danielle Thomas, School Psychologist


Johanna O'Hara, Special Education Secretary





Upcoming Events

1.11.20                  Battle Ground Event / Westminster Mall / Playground Fundraiser

1.16.20                  Conference Night (Teacher Requested)

1.20.20                  School Closed – Martin Luther King Day

1.24.20                  PTO Paint Night

1.28.20                  End of 2nd Marking Period

1.29.20                  No School for Students

1.31.20                  Crazy Hair Day - Fundraiser $1.00

2.17.20                  President’s Day - School Closed

2.19.20                  Conference Night (Parent Requested)

2.26.20                  Instructional Assistant Appreciation Day

2.28.20                  80's Dress UP Fundraiser $1.00

2.28.20                  Dance-A-Thon

3.6.20                    2 hour 45 min early dismissal

3.6.20                    Designer Purse Bingl

3.12.20                  Field Trip – Greenmount Bowling

3.17.20                  St. Patrick’s Day

3.19.20                  Gov. Hogan Visit / Red Carpet Celebration

3.28.20                  Dr. Seuss Dress Up Day Fundraiser - $1.00

4.6.20                    End of Marking  Period - 2 hour 45 min early dismissal

4.6.20                    Year Book Orders are due

4.10.20                  Closed for Easter

4.14.20                  School Reopen

4.17.20                  Field Trip - Tournaments of Champions (according to age)

4.22.20                  Field Trip – Special Olympics (according to age)

4.22.20                  Administrative Professionals Day (Secretary)

4.24.20                  Rain Date - Special Olympics

4.28.20                  School Closed - Primary Election Day

4.30.20                  Twin Day Dress Up Fundraiser $1.00

5.6.20                    Nurse Appreciation Day

5.15.20                  Field Trip – Maryland Zoo

5.21.20                  5th Grade only - Mt. Vernon Trip

5.25.20                  School Closed - Memorial Day

5.29.20                 Hawaiian Dress  Up Day Fundraiser $1.00

6.2.20                   5th Grade participation - Wax Museum

6.6.20                   Summer Carnival Fundraiser

6.10.20                 5th grade picnic

6.11.20                 5th grade celebration

6.12.20                Last day of School


Learning Websites


Tumble Books


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Pebble Go


Star Fall


Brain Pop Jr.


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