​School Year 2020-2021 - During Virtual Learning


School Breakfasts and Lunches:

All students who would like a school breakfast and/or a school lunch will receive breakfast and lunch each day if they choose, now until June.

Lunch Table for Nut Allergies:

Students who have a nut allergy will be provided a safe and supervised place to eat their lunch when present in the building. 


Use this link to access all menus https://carrollk12.nutrislice.com/menus-eula

Virtual Learning Meal Distribution

All students who want one, will receive a breakfast and a lunch free of charge every day until December 31st unless we get another waiver from USDA to extend past that.

We are encouraging those who feel they would be eligible for free or reduced to apply online now making the transition easier in the future.

All students in Carroll County Public Schools can apply for meal benefits. In addition to receiving meal benefits, households may have access to waivers for sports and activity fees, access to free or low cost internet, and possible EBT benefits. If you have not applied this school year and would like to apply to secure or continue (last year’s benefits expire October 21) these benefits for your household, please apply!

APPLY for Meal Benefits online at


It is easy and confidential! Paper Meal Benefit Applications can also be obtained from your school or by visiting the CCPS website. 




 For more information, please visit CCPS Food Service