HES PBIS Program
(Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports)

Hampstead Students are always striving to show
STAR Behaviors!

Stay Safe
Take Responsibility
Always be Respectful
Ready to Learn

When students are caught showing STAR behaviors, they receive STAR tickets. 

School STAR Tickets
Students turn in one side of the STAR tickets for a drawing. 
The other side is saved to cash in for prizes or privileges at the STAR store.

Home STAR Tickets
We encourage families to continue the STAR behaviors at home.
Each month students receive a sheet of four home STAR tickets. 
Students turn them in to their homeroom teacher. 
We draw tickets quarterly for a group privilege.

PBIS Plus Program

HES uses a school wide color system. This system helps encourage communication about behavior, helps students regulate behavior, and increases rewards for positive behaviors.  Check your child's agenda notebook daily to see what color he/she earned. 

Students in grades K-3 receive two verbal warnings before receiving a strike.  They receive two strikes before changing colors.  4th and 5th graders receive one warning and then a color change.  Parents are encouraged to talk with students about behaviors that result in color changes.  Parents of students who frequently have strikes and color changes will be contacted by their child's teacher.

       My behavior helped teaching and learning to happen.
My behavior allowed teaching and learning to happen.
My behavior mostly allowed teaching and learning to happen.
My behavior did not allow teaching and learning to happen.
My behavior interrupted teaching and learning.