School Nurse Cathy Kasper -


The health nurse, is on site to provide the following services:
● Administer medication
● Provide health care
● Monitor the health room and chart each student’s visit
● Monitor immunization records
● Monitor communicable diseases
● Provide training programs and inservices

Of course we want your child in school as much as possible. However, if your child is not feeling well, keeping them home may be the safest decision. If you have questions you can always call the school and talk to our nurse.

  • After an illness, a child must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Each student must present proof of proper immunization and health inventory (physical) prior to entering school for the first time. Students will not be admitted to school unless this information is provided. All students must have grade appropriate immunizations in order to start school.

Carroll County Health Department offers assistance at thier office at 290 S. Center Street, Westminster, MD 21157. You may call  (800) 966-3877 or (410) 876-2152 for additional information and hours.

When a child sustains a serious injury, has a persistent illness, or shows an elevated temperature, the parents/guardians or a designated adult will be contacted by telephone and asked to pick up the child since parents/guardians are considered to have primary responsibility for their children’s health. In view of this, emergency cards including correct address and telephone numbers must be completed during the first week of school and returned to the office. Any changes that should occur during the school year should be shared with the office immediately.


Medication Form for parents and physicians to complete. 

Consent Form to administer discretionary Meds

Anaphylactic Reaction Epinephrine Form

Medication for students while in school

Parents should make every effort to arrange for medicine to be taken outside of the school day. However, there are occasions when it is determined by a physician or a dentist that a child must receive medication during the school day, either on a regular schedule or in the event of an emergency (such as bee stings, asthma or diabetes). When these circumstances occur, the physician or dentist must give written approval and specific directions regarding administration. Forms for this purpose are available from the schools or from the Student Services Department. These medication consent forms are to be used for both prescription and over-the-counter medications. Students are not allowed to transport medications to or from school. Depending on the circumstances, violations of the Medication Policies could be considered a violation of the Carroll County Public Schools Drug and Alcohol Policies, and carry the same consequences as other drug violations.  No medication will be administered by the school unless it is in the original container marked for the individual student, and accompanied by the appropriate written permission and directions.Also change the med sheet to the attached