Your child will be attending P.E. three times per week for 30 minutes per session. Our goal in the Gym is to encourage your child to participate in various activities which in turn will:

  • Increase their Fitness Level
  • Generate Interest in Extra-curricular activities
  • Educate them on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

You can help us to achieve these goals by having your child prepared to participate in days that they would normally have P.E. We ask that you please send your child in Tennis Shoes on days they are scheduled to attend P.E. We can work around most other clothing issues, but shoes are a major safety issue for us. If your child does not have the proper type of shoes, they may not be allowed to participate. We DO NOT want to see: flip flops, crocks, sandals, boots, high heels, etc. Thank you for helping us with this issue.

Questions or comments?

​Mr. Steven Krouse, Physical Education Teacher
Mr. Michael Jensen, Physical Education Teacher

Each year CSE students enjoy many special events including the Fun Run, Project Aces, and Play Day. Please check the school newsletter for current information! 

Special P.E. Activities


5th Grade Field Trip:

During our annual 5th grade field trip to River Valley Ranch students experience cooperative challenges and group initiatives as well as high ropes activities. Details about the trip are announced in early September. 


Fun Run:

The Fun Run is a school wide event that your child will participate in during their specials time block in October. We use this event as a Physical Education Fund Raiser. We donate a percentage of the money to a local charity each year to help children in the area. The remainder of the money will go toward general school improvements and needs as well as supplement the P.E. Program at Cranberry. Some of the items your children get to use thanks to the Fun Run consist of: the rock wall, cargo net, Dance Dance Revolution, Speed Stacking, Tennis, and Golf Equipment, which would not otherwise be available to us. Thank you for supporting us over the years.


Project Aces:

Is a county wide initiative to try to get all children in CCPS to be active for two straight weeks. You will be seeing an activity log coming home in October. Please help your child meet the goal. In the past, CSE has won the Gold Award for having such a high level of support. 

 Play Day:

Play Day is the highlight of the year and it takes place in the end of May or early June. This is a day for you to come and enjoy some of your child’s favorite activities from throughout the year in P.E. We look forward to seeing you there.