A variety of health related topics will be cover. All lessons are age appropriate to child’s grade level.

Topics covered:

  • Mental & Emotional Health
    • Self- Concept, Emotions, Feeling, Stress
  • Nutrition & Fitness
    • Nutrition Facts, Physical Activity
  • Disease Prevention
    • Hand washing, Germs, Colds
    • Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases
  • Body Systems
    • Organs
  • Drug Unit
    • Medicine, Tobacco, Alcohol, Other Drugs
  • Safety
    • First Aid, Strangers, Fires, Home, School, Car
  • Family Life and Human Development - See Brochure
    • End of the Year for 4th and 5th grade ONLY
    • Parent permission required

The topics taught in each grade stem from the National and Maryland State Health Standards. Carroll County’s elementary health program assures that all standards are taught and to better meet the needs of our students.

There are a many nationally recognized health and wellness dates which will be addressed and taught throughout the year to contribute to increasing health awareness including:

Fire Prevention Week
Project ACES
Global Hand washing Day
Red Ribbon Week
Hand washing Awareness
Dental Health Month
School Breakfast Week
World Health Day
Sun Safety Week 

Questions or comments?

Mrs. Wachter, Health Teacher