On Track Behavior System (OTBS) is a school-wide process of helping students learn positive behaviors and strategies to help him/her achieve important social and academic goals.
OTBS Goals
1. Be consistent with the way we teach positive behaviors.
2. Use data on a regular basis to make decisions about how to improve support to increase positive behaviors.
3   Establish and implement a process for reinforcing behaviors.
4.   Promote a safe, learning environment for each student by increasing instructional time.
When a student demonstrates OnTrack behavior, he/she may receive a coupon. Students may earn OnTrack coupons in all settings throughout the day. Coupons are used to earn rewards.
Targeted behaviors include:
Respect, Responsibility, Ready
Please look forward to your child earning and bringing home coupons. When your child earns a coupon, please take time at home to celebrate his/her positive behaviors. Ask your child to tell about the positive behavior that was demonstrated. Coupons may remain at home as a celebration and reminder of your child’s success.