From the 2021-2022 back to school issue of Carrolltowne News.


If your child has a serious allergy and requires emergency medications at school, including epinephrine and antihistamines, the medication orders are now part of the ALLERGIC REACTION PLAN AND MEDICATION ORDERS. It is all on one form and can be downloaded from the CCPS website.  Click here or find it at and click on “Allergic Reaction Emergency Plan and Medication Orders.”

Medications during school

If your child requires medication during the school day (over the counter or prescription), please following these instructions:

  • Your child’s Health Care Provider must fill out the CCPS consent form in its entirety (you may download this from the CCPS website).  Click here or find it at and click on “Medication Form”
  • This form MUST accompany the medication when the Parent/Guardian delivers to the School Nurse (your child may NOT bring medication in themselves). Medications will not be accepted without this completed and signed form.
  • We cannot accept large bottles of medication. We can only accept a 30 day supply of prescription medication. All over the counter medication must be unopened and accompanied by a CCPS consent form completed by your child’s Health Care Provider.
  • Please check to make sure the medication you bring in is an EXACT match to the Health Care Provider’s order. A prescription medication MUST have a pharmacy label.
  • The expiration date we are required to go by is the expiration date on the pharmacy label, not the medication itself.

Students may carry ...

  • Lip balm
  • Individual sized waterless hand cleanser
  • Glucose tablets
  • Sunscreen
  • Plain saline solution
  • Non-medicated cough drops

Food allergies

We have many life threatening food allergies at CES. We also have children with chronic medication conditions that prohibit them from eating food that was not provided by their parent. Students may NOT SHARE food with another student. Because of these reasons, we cannot allow parents to purchase ice cream or send in food for their child’s friends or class. CES uses non-food item rewards in the classroom. Please help us keep a safe environment for all of our students.

Latex allergies

Due to the presence of Latex allergies, students may not have any of the following in the school building:

  • Latex gloves
  • Koosh ball
  • Balloons (mylar balloons are OK as they do not contain latex)

Change of clothing

We are asking students in Pre-K, ECSN, Kindergarten and Grade 1 always have a change of clothing in a labeled Ziploc bag. Spills and accidents happen daily and we want our students to be comfortable when this happens.

Absence / Illness

  • Parents may report an absence by calling 410-751-3530 or with your child’s first and last name, grade, teacher and reason for absence. Schools may request a physician’s note outlining restrictions/accommodations if a student has been absent for an extended time, has been hospitalized, had surgery or suffered a significant injury.
  • Please help us be aware of any communicable disease by reporting them to the Nurse as soon as possible.
  • Students who have a temperature of 100.0 or above, may NOT attend school and should remain home until fever free for 24 hours without any fever reducing medication. This helps us stop the spread of infection. Students who are vomiting due to illness should also stay home for 24 hours after the vomiting has stopped.

Handwashing and illness prevention

  • Faculty, staff and students will be educated on proper handwashing to prevent the spread of germs as well as protect those with food allergies.
  • The school will promote handwashing after eating breakfast at home (before arriving to school), before and after eating food at school, and before and after using shared equipment at school.
  • Students are allowed to carry small individual waterless hand sanitizer for personal use. There are also hand sanitizer dispensers located all over the school.
  • Please encourage your children to wash their hands sufficiently and frequently.

Safe table procedure

  • The designated cafeteria “safe table” will only be used by the students with food allergies who need to sit at an allergen free table (aka safe table).
  • The safe table will be at the end of a row of regular cafeteria tables, separated by a few inches to prevent cross-contamination.
  • The table will be cleaned with a separate bucket and cleaning cloth to ensure prevention of cross-contamination.
  • All students will wash hands after finishing lunch.
  • Those students wishing to sit at the safe table as a friend must have a lunch that is free of the product in question.
  • The teacher will send the lunches of those student who will be sitting at the safe table down to the cafeteria in the morning, to be checked by the cafeteria staff.

COVID protocol

I know everyone is anxious to hear about the protocols that will be put into place to keep students and staff healthy this year. Those plans are still in process. As soon as we are informed, information will be sent out to parents. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we prepare for a great and SAFE year!!