In 2002, the Maryland General Assembly enacted the Bridge to Excellence in Public Schools Act.  This legislation provides a powerful framework for all 24 Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to increase student achievement for all students and to close the achievement gap.  The Bridge to Excellence legislation significantly increased State Aid to public education and required each LEA to develop a comprehensive master plan, to be updated annually.  Each LEA shall develop and implement a comprehensive master plan that describes the goals, objectives, and strategies that will be used to improve student achievement in each segment of the student achievement.  Additionally, each annual update will include detailed summaries of the alignment between the LEA’s current year approved budget, prior year actual budget and the master plan goals and objectives.

In 2016, the Maryland General Assembly passed House Bill (HB) 999, the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, and HB 412, Assessment Administration and Provision of Information. HB 999 outlines the reporting structure of the 2016 and 2017 Bridge to Excellence Master Plan Annual Update, which limits specified requirements to be reported in the master plan annual update for these two years. HB 412 outlines assessment reporting details specified in the new Education Article Section 7-203.3 for each assessment administered in each LEA, and the information that shall be provided for each administrated assessment. Below you will find the details of House Bill 999, House Bill 412 and Section 7-203.3 demonstrating the revisions that must be included in the 2016 and 2017 master plan annual updates.

The 2018-2019 plan serves as a bridge between the school system's Vision 2018 plan and the new Strategic Improvement Plan completed in the Fall of 2018.

2020 CCPS ESSA Consolidated Strategic Plan Submitted to MSDE


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