The Six Types of Involvement are defined by Dr. Joyce Epstein of the Johns Hopkins University Center on families, communities, schools and learning and the National Network of Partnership Schools. These six types of involvement (see below) are also the foundation of the National PTA Standards and the Family Involvement Programs of the Maryland State Department of Education. Listed below are some ways that parents can participate in each type of involvement.

  • Communicate with the school about your child's progress and program.
  • Parent your children at home through understanding their development and setting conditions at home that support children as students.
  • Volunteer in your child's class or at school and support  the educational program in whatever way you can.
  • Learn with your child by reading together, involving your child in daily household activities, and discussing local and world events.
  • Collaborate with the community to support school-sponsored activities and programs.
  • Advocate for your school and engage in decision-making by participating on committees, workshops and organizations that support school improvement and student learning.