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Updated Employee Information Regarding COVID-19 --- 09/02/2022


CCPS continues to be advised by our partners at the Health Department with regard to COVID-19.  Below you will find information and reminders to help keep our schools safe places to learn and work.

Mitigation Strategies
  • CCPS will continue to encourage students and staff to practice good hygiene throughout the day (e.g., handwashing).
  • CCPS will continue to use the air purification machines in instructional spaces that we purchased previously and maintain increased ventilation in our air handling units in our schools.
Reporting an Absence
  • Employees should stay home from work, enter your absence into Absence Management as a sick day, and contact your building administrator or the supervisor where you report to work each day if you:
    • Have tested positive for COVID-19, regardless of your symptoms.
    • Are awaiting the results of a RT-PCR Test for COVID-19 (unless the test is due to an upcoming medical procedure or other circumstance unrelated to symptoms).
    • Are experiencing any of the following: fever of 100 or higher, sore throat, cough, muscle or body aches, difficulty breathing, diarrhea or vomiting, new onset of severe headache, or new loss of taste or smell regardless of your vaccination status.