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Use Of Facilities

Do you wish to use a school space?  If so, please read the following four points before starting: 

(CCPS employees looking to request space can click here for directions.)

  • If you are a first-time user, the first step is to create an account.  See “HOW TO GET STARTED.”
  • If you need to register your organization so your organization can request space at a CCPS Facility, see “HOW TO REGISTER YOUR ORGANIZATION.”
  • If you already have an account, and need to become a part of an organization so you can request space, see “HOW TO JOIN AN ORGANIZATION”.  (To make a request for space, you need to be a member of an organization in Event Manager, the web-based application system that manages the use of spaces for Carroll County Public Schools. )
  • If you have an account and are a member of an organization in Event Manager and want to request space, see “HOW TO REQUEST SPACE.”  You can find the Administrative Regulations (guidelines for using space in CCPS) here.

You can find the community site calendar here.

* Please note that using CHROME causes some areas in Event Manager to not work.  Firefox is the preferred browser. *


Have questions?  Please email or call 410-751-3113.