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Use Of Facilities

Welcome Community User,

Carroll County Public Schools is happy to announce an electronic program called Event Manager to oversee Use of Facilities event requests.  Event Manager allows requestors to access the after-school calendar and submit and manage request (s) online.

What is Event Manager (EVM)?

Event Manager is an online event and calendar management solution that allows you to publish and share an event with your community.

All Community Users:

۰        Start by signing up as an Individual User

۰        Only organizations can only access Community Event Calendar

۰        All users are required to be associated with an approved Organization.

۰        Individual use of CCPS Facilities is not permitted.

Please follow Steps 1 to Step 4 to enroll using the community calendar.

Step 1 & 2 - Signup in Event Manager as an individual user

Step 3 - Community add or join an organization

Step 3a - Organization Required COI Example

Step 4 - Submit a Request

Click this link to be directed to the Community Event Manager Calendar.


Any questions, please email