Pupil Personnel Workers

Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS) currently employs nine Pupil Personnel Workers (PPWs) who are certified by the Maryland State Department of Education to help schools, students, and families. Each PPW is assigned to four to six schools. PPWs report to the Supervisor of Student Services - Pupil Services Donald Mongold. 

Role of the Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW)  

Pupil Personnel Workers serve the needs of students attending Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS) by acting as consultants to the schools and by becoming involved with students and families when a situation cannot be resolved at the school level. Pupil Personnel Workers act as facilitators, problem solvers, and trouble-shooters. PPWs advocate for students and families by networking with appropriate school personnel and community agencies to initiate change and help students meet with success.

Pupil Personnel Workers monitor student attendance, initiate interventions to help improve attendance, and will take necessary legal action when no improvement is made. PPWs also investigate cases involving out-of-district requests, residency and custody issues.

Pupil Personnel Workers serve as collegial partners with school-based administrators and other school staff regarding implementation of Carroll County Public Schools’ rules and regulations. 

Consultant / Liaison

Pupil Personnel Workers are knowledgeable of the services and resources provided by the local school system and community agencies. By attending school-based student services team meetings and accepting referrals, PPWs consult with school-based personnel and initiate referrals, when needed, to appropriate community agencies. PPWs also act as liaisons with these agencies and help to coordinate the exchange of needed information.

As consultants, PPWs are called upon to interpret CCPS rules and regulations and to help facilitate appropriate implementation of these rules and regulations in reference to disciplinary and other procedures.  

Educational Placement

Pupil Personnel Workers facilitate student placement in alternative educational programs. When students are released from therapeutic or Juvenile Services placements, the PPW helps to ensure a smooth transition back into an appropriate educational program.

Pupil Personnel Workers assist homeless families with enrollment and school placement.

Staff Development

Pupil Personnel Workers, along with other members of the Student Services staff, conduct staff development and provide in-service training opportunities on such topics as Child Abuse and Neglect, Staff / Student Relations; Dealing with Difficult Students, and other related topics.