Only those students living in Carroll County with their parent or court appointed legal guardian on a full time basis are eligible to attend Carroll County Public Schools.  In some specific and limited situations, non-resident students may be considered for enrollment in Carroll County Public Schools with payment of tuition. Tuition for the 2020-2021 school year are: In-State $7,879.00, Out of State $14,117.00. These exceptions include the following:

  • families moving into Carroll County within 45 school days
  • families living temporarily outside of Carroll County up to 45 school days due to a hardship
  • cases where legal, court appointed guardianship is being pursued due to a family hardship
  • a school-based employee
  • daycare in Carroll County
  • parent/legal guardian works in the county

Carroll County Public Schools shall not permit the enrollment of non-resident students in such cases where enrollment is being sought for the following purposes:

  • attending CCPS
  • the quality of education in the previous school system is not satisfactory to the family
  • the conditions of the child's previous school district such as racial in-balance, over crowding, etc.
  • the convenience of the family

Commuting from another county/state to Carroll County for the purpose of attending school is not permissable, subject to payment of tuition from the date of enrollment, prosecution for felony theft, and immediate withdraw from Carroll County Public Schools. 

Contact the Student Services Department at 410-751-3120 for additional information.