Generally both parents maintain certain educational rights for their children.  In cases of separation or divorce, the following guidelines apply unless otherwise specified in a court order:  
  • The custodial parent/legal guardian shall make all educational and medical decisions for the child.
  • The non-custodial parent may visit the school/observe instruction, attend any conferences, view school records and receive school communications.  The non-custodial parent may pick the child up from school when given written permission by the custodial parent.  
  • If the non-custodial parent wants to receive copies of school communications, he/she shall make a written request to the school Principal for such information annually.  The request shall include the non-custiodial parent's name, address, the type of information requested, as well as a stamped, self-addressed envelope.  A fee may be charged for copies. 
  • Visitation by parents is not permitted during the school day.
  • A non-custodial parent may not enroll/withdraw a student from school without a notarized statement from the custodial parent granting permission to enroll/withdraw the student from school. 
  • Request from parents, attorneys, or other individuals for a written statement on behalf of a parent in custody/visitation matters shall not be honored.  Requests to testify in court shall not be honored unless summoned by a properly served subpoena.  A parent shall be notified in writing of any subpoena requesting a student record or student information.  Such subpoenas shall be honored by the school system. 
  • A step-parent may only pick a child up from school with permission from the custodial parent. 
  • Person(s) sharing joint custody may both make educational and medical decisions. If parents disagree, the decision of the resident parent (the parent with whom the child resides)  will be recognized and implemented, as appropriate. 
  • Out-of-State Court Orders:  A Maryland Court Order take precedence over another state's court order, unless formally enrolled in a Maryland Court.  This means that an out-of-state court order must be filed in and accepted by a Maryland Court in order to be valid in Maryland.  An out-of-state court order will not be honored by Carroll County Public Schools unless properly "enrolled" in Maryland.  
Please refer to the Student Services Manual for complete administrative regulations pertaining to custody regulations.