Medication for students while in school

Parents should make every effort to arrange for medicine to be taken outside of the school day. However, there are occasions when it is determined by an authorized prescriber that a child must receive medication during the school day, either on a regular schedule or in the event of an emergency (such as bee stings, asthma or diabetes). When these circumstances occur, the authorized prescriber must give written approval and specific directions regarding administration. Forms for this purpose are available from the schools or from the Student Services Department. These medication consent forms are to be used for both prescription and over-the-counter medications. Students are not allowed to transport medications to or from school. Depending on the circumstances, violations of the Medication Procedures could be considered a violation of the Carroll County Public Schools Drug and Alcohol Policies, and carry the same consequences as other drug violations.  No medication will be administered by the school unless it is in the original container marked for the individual student, and accompanied by the appropriate written permission and directions.

Medications for students on overnight field trips

On overnight field trips, the school administrator will follow the standard medication procedure enforced during the school day. Medication permission forms must be completed for any student to receive medication during an overnight field trip. These permission forms must be completed and appropriately signed by the parent and authorized prescriber. Medications shall not be shared. Any violation of this procedure will be subject to disciplinary actions under the Drug and Alcohol Policy. Contact your school for the complete procedure.