Health Appraisal
As per COMAR 13A.05.05.07, A health appraisal for students identified through the review of records as having health problems or concerns shall be conducted by the designated school health services professional. The health appraisal may include health observations, interviews, and conferences with parents/guardians, students, educators, and other health professionals. Health appraisals shall be conducted as follows: The health appraisal shall take place not later than 6 months after the date of entry to a school system. The health appraisal of students with identified health problems shall be repeated as frequently as deemed necessary by the designated school health services professional.

Physical Examination
As per COMAR 13A.05.05.07, A physical examination is required of each child entering the Maryland public school system for the first time. The examination shall be completed within the period of 9 months before entrance or 6 months after entrance. The physical examination form designated by the Department of Education and the Maryland Department of Health shall be used to meet this requirement.

Physical Examination Form