Counseling Intervention Services

Counselors provide a variety of services to assist students in solving problems and issues including making friends, resolving family problems, understanding boyfriend/girlfriend issues, developing study skills, choosing courses, resolving schedule problems, finding resources to help with health issues, choosing a career, surviving parental divorce, learning appropriate social skills, developing manners, learning relaxation skills, resolving problems with teachers, mediating problems with other students, etc.

The counselor may work with the student via individual counseling, small group counseling, meetings with parents and/or teachers, classroom or small group instructional activities as well as through other interactions.

Suicide Prevention


Counseling Prevention Services

Counselors not only assist with the resolution of problems as they occur, they provide activities designed to prevent problems in the future by giving students skills that will assist them in resolving problems. These prevention services typically occur in small group and classroom instructional activities. These services may include learning the steps of decision making, conflict resolution strategies, and peer mediation processes; identifying and expressing feelings; recognizing thinking and behavior reactions; expressing oneself so that others may be more receptive; learning the college search process; learning the career search process; and/or other services.


Behavior Support Specialists

Carroll County Public Schools employs Behavior Support Specialists at the elementary and middle School levels. Behavior Support Specialists are responsible for consulting with school based staff regarding the behavior of students and facilitating the development of intervention plans for identified students. Behavior Support Specialists may work with an entire school staff to develop school wide initiatives and strategies that encourage positive behavior that is conducive to learning.