Carroll County Public Schools
Student Services Department
Leadership Vision Statement

The Student Services Department of CCPS exists for one primary purpose – to serve students. In order for students to achieve at their maximum potential they must be "available" for learning and must be "ready" to learn. Therefore, it is the role of Student Services to work collaboratively with school based and central office staff, family members, and community agencies to promote readiness to learn for all students. This must be accomplished by striving to remove the obstacles to student achievement on an individual basis.

To achieve this vision Student Services staff will provide support for students within the scope of the following areas:

School Health Services
School Security and Safety
Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention
Home Instruction
Home and Hospital Teaching and Transitions
Psychological Services
School Guidance Services (including Crisis Intervention)
Behavioral Support
Pupil Personnel
Youth Development & Service Learning
Attendance Promotion and Truancy Prevention
Alternative Educational Programs (CLASS, PRIDE, Student Support Center, Distance Learning Lab, and Diversified Occupations)


To ensure that every child succeeds, the Student Services Department will promote a child centered approach to customer service by combining empathy and support with personal accountability. We will strive to consistently apply appropriate educational laws, Carroll County Public School Board of Education policies and administrative regulations, and Student Services procedures to every situation presented, while acting in the best interests of each individual child.


Student Services exists to serve…children.