Students Attending Schools Out-of-District

The policy of the Board of Education is that students shall attend the school designated for the attendance area in which they reside.  In some circumstances, students may be considered for placement outside of their designated attendance area.  The Student Services Department shall consider such requests.  Purchasing a property, renting, moving into another family’s’ home, etc., while at the same time maintaining another residence in the county, will not constitute a reason for enrollment in a school in the attendance area of the secondary residence.


Out-of-District Eligibility

Each school is identified as Open or Closed based on student enrollment.  Click on the link below to view the Chart of Open and Closed Schools (2022-2023).  Once you have identified the school’s status, then click on the link below to view the Criteria for Out-of-District Placement (2022-2023) at that school.


High School Athletic Eligibility

A student may be eligible for athletics in only one out-of-district high school.  A student may be approved to attend a subsequent out-of-district high school; however, he/she will not be eligible to participate in athletics.  Students who are attending his/her home school are eligible to participate in athletics.

Students approved for an out-of-district placement to attend a different school from the one in which they are currently enrolled who are CCPS varsity athletes during the preceding year will be placed on restricted eligibility for one year for the corresponding sport(s).  Administrative Regulation JPA: High School Eligibility defines Restricted Eligibility – student is not fully eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.  Limited participation as part of a school sponsored team or group.  May not participate in competition, public performances or leadership roles, but may participate in meeting and practices.


Out-of-District Application Process

Students who currently attend a school as approved out-of-district students shall be automatically renewed through the completion of that school level unless held under review for poor performance. First time applicants and students who are currently approved but requesting an out of district placement at a different school shall complete a paper application.  Applications may be obtained by clicking the link below 2022-2023 Out-of-District Application

All applications must be submitted by March 1st in order to be considered, in the event a lottery is needed.  A lottery will be utilized when requests exceed available seats.

The completed application and all supporting documentation shall be postmarked or delivered to the Student Services Department, 125 North Court Street, Westminster, Maryland 21157 by March 1st.  If March 1st falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, the deadline will be 4:00 p.m. the following Monday.

Applications and supporting documentation will be accepted as outlined below:

Upcoming school year:

  • Deadline of March 1st to be considered for a potential lottery.
  • Rolling applications accepted through August 1st

During the school year:

  • Applications accepted from the end of the First Quarter through the end of the Third Quarter for consideration of an out-of-district placement.


Note:  A student will be approved for only one out-of-district placement each year.


Student Services staff will render a decision by April 1st for applications received by March 1st.  Applicants who make an out-of-district request at other times of the year will be notified within ten working days of receipt of the application.


Transportation to and from the out-of-district school will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian(s).


The Pupil Personnel Worker, with approval of the Director of Student Services/or his Designee, may rescind the out-of-district placement in one of the following conditions exist:

  1. Child’s attendance, behavior, or grades are unsatisfactory
  2. Child no longer meets out-of-district criteria
  3. The information provided in the out-of-district application is found to be false or misrepresented


If a request is denied, the decision may be appealed in writing to the Superintendent of Schools, 125 N. Court Street, Westminster, MD 21157.  An appeal of the decision and all supporting documentation must be received no later than ten (10) working days after notification of the decision. 


The appeal of the Superintendent/Designee’s decision shall be addressed to the President of the Board of Education, 125 N. Court Street, Westminster, MD 21157.  Appeals and all supporting documentation must be received by the President of the Board of Education within thirty (30) days after the decision is rendered.


Chart of Open and Closed Schools (2022-2023)

Criteria for Out-of-District Placement (2022-2023)

2022-2023 Out-of-District Application

Revised 1/5/2022


Chart of Open and Closed Schools (2021-2022)

Criteria for Out-of-District Placement (2021-2022)

2021-2022 Out-of-District Application