We all have had someone in our lives that has taken the time to guide us along our path. Although they have had many titles, they have been there to offer support and encouragement. Whether they have been a friend, teacher, counselor or family member, there has been someone along the way to offer their concern. They have been a Mentor.
     Carroll County Public Schools is committed to providing the best learning environment possible. In order to provide for excellence, the school system has created a program that is designed to meet as many student needs as possible. With our community partners and assistance from members of the community, Mentoring Connections has begun to meet the additional needs of our students. Mentoring Connections is a Carroll County Public schools initiative to provide opportunities for mentor relationships to the students. This program offers opportunities for students to develop a relationship with a Mentor and to become a Mentor for other students themselves.
  •  High School Students can create a mentoring relationship with younger students from the middle and elementary schools, thus seeing if a career in Human Services is for them.
  •  Community Members can gain the knowledge that they have assisted a student to be successful and to become a productive member of society.
  •  All of the students involved gain the real experience of helping other people. 
  •  Students that have been mentored in the past have demonstrated higher performance, better attendance and a stronger desire to be successful at home, school and in the community. 
     Currently the program serves students that have been identified by either the school staff or by a parent as needing someone to assist them with the rigors of school and social life.  The nature of the program is a relationship based model of friendship. The program is closely affiliated with the United States Department of Education and is nationally certified by the Mentoring Resource Center. Further information about the program is available on their website, www.Mentoring.org.  
     The program facilitator is Jennifer Adcock.  She is available by phone at 410-751-3320, or email at jladcoc@carrollk12.org.  If you have an interest in participating as a mentor or if you would like to find a mentor for your child please feel free to contact Ms. Adcock.