Carroll County Public Schools’ (CCPS) home & hospital teaching program provides instructional continuity to students who are unable to attend their regular school of enrollment due to physical illness/injury, emotional condition, pregnancy, or a chronic health impairment. Home & hospital teaching is a short-term instructional service mandated by state law with specific guidelines for program implementation and delivery. Home & hospital teaching services allow students the opportunity to continue their academic education as they prepare for their eventual return to the school building.

In order to qualify for home & hospital teaching services, the student must be expected to be absent from school for a projected period of fifteen (15) consecutive school days or more as a result of physical or emotional problems or has a history of intermittent absences due to a chronic health impairment.

Students enrolled in elementary or middle school will receive a maximum of six (6) hours of instruction per week.  Students enrolled in high school will receive a maximum of eight (8) hours of instruction per week.

Physical illness/injury, pregnancy, or chronic health impairment: Obtain a Medical Professional’s Recommendation for Home & Hospital Teaching (Physical Only) form. Complete the parent/legal guardian section and forward the form to the appropriate medical professional. The completion of the form authorizes CCPS staff to communicate with your medical professional. Please note that failure to sign the release of information may result in denial of home & hospital teaching services.

  • Physical Illness/Injury: A licensed physician or certified nurse practitioner (CNP) must complete all information in the medical professional section, including the anticipated date the student will return to school.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnant students are expected to attend school during their pregnancy. The medical professional must provide an estimated date of delivery on the home & hospital teaching recommendation form. Home & hospital teaching services are provided for six (6) weeks postpartum.
  • Chronic Health Impairment: Students diagnosed as having a chronic health impairment (such as cancer, asthma, sickle cell anemia, kidney failure, juvenile diabetes, cystic fibrosis, or cardiac disorders) may be eligible for full-time, part-time, or concurrent home & hospital teaching services. For concurrent approval, the physician’s statement must indicate that the illness will cause frequent intermittent absences of 20% or more of the school year.  Concurrent home & hospital teaching services are provided to the student during intermittent absences of at least three (3) consecutive school days due to the chronic illness.

Emotional Condition: Obtain a Medical Professional’s Recommendation for Home & Hospital Teaching (Emotional Only) form. The recommendation for home & hospital teaching must be made by a licensed psychiatrist, licensed psychologist, or certified school psychologist.  A treatment plan must also be submitted. The recommendation will be reviewed by the school psychologist assigned to the student’s school, as well as other school staff. A transition plan must be developed by the licensed psychiatrist/psychologist to return the student to school. Failure to develop a transition plan may result in denial of services.

The medical professional should return the completed form to the Student Services Department by faxing it to 410-751-3695, Attention: Home & Hospital Teaching Office. Upon receipt of the form, CCPS staff will determine if home & hospital teaching services are appropriate. If the service is determined to be appropriate and is approved, an instructional plan will be developed with the student’s home school. CCPS provides home & hospital teaching through an on-line provider, as well as with individually assigned home & hospital instructors at the student’s home. CCPS requires that a responsible adult (18 years of age or older) must be present throughout the duration of the home & hospital teaching session if the home & hospital instructor is coming to the home.  The assigned home & hospital instructor or on-line provider will contact the parent/legal guardian directly to schedule teaching sessions.

Maryland State Department of Education regulations require a review and re-verification of home & hospital teaching services after 60 calendar days of service to determine if home & hospital teaching services will continue.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Don M. Mongold, Supervisor of Student Services - Pupil Services, at 410-751-3110 or dmmongo@carrollk12.org

Note: Students may be assigned one or more home & hospital instructors at the school system’s discretion. Services may be provided in person or via the internet. Please be aware that home & hospital teaching does not replicate the classroom experience and is not intended to help students make up past work prior to the home & hospital teaching approval period. 


Rev. 7/21

Home & Hospital Teaching Request - Emotional Only

Home & Hospital Request - Physical Only