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Home Instruction Overview

Part 1 - How to begin Home Instruction in Maryland video

Part 2 - Required Components of a Maryland Home Instruction Program video

Part 3 - Special Topics for Home Schooling High School Aged Students 

Pathway to a Maryland High School Diploma (GED) for Students Receiving Home Instruction Power Point

Army Presentation for Home Instruction Students **

**Please note, the MSDE is only sharing for informational purposes and is not making an endorsement. 



Home schooling is instruction provided by a parent or legal guardian in lieu of enrolling the child in a public or private school. A parent or guardian who chooses to provide regular and thorough instruction in English, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, health, and physical education should:

  1. Review the home instruction application packet below and complete a Home School Notification Form. Indicate on the form if your home instruction program will be supervised by:
    • Carroll County Public Schools (Option A) or,
    • If you are enrolled under the supervision of an MSDE Registered Oversight Groups (Option B).
    • **If you are enrolling in an online school and they are not on the MSDE registered oversight list, then you will select box A on page 2 of the Notification form and CCPS will be your oversight.
  2. Your home instruction program must:
  • Provide regular, thorough instruction in the studies usually taught in the public schools to children of the same age;
  • Include instruction in English, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, health, and physical education.
  • Take place on a regular basis during the school year and be of sufficient duration.

3.   Parents or guardians providing a home instruction program must maintain and present a portfolio of materials to be reviewed two times per year. A parent or guardian who chooses to provide home instruction for his or her child is responsible for selecting and purchasing the curriculum and instructional materials to be used. Local school systems do not provide curriculum or materials for this purpose. Summary sheets may be used in conjunction with your portfolio to help make the portfolio review process more efficient.

4. Parents or guardians using option A under the review of Carroll County Public Schools should sign up for a portfolio review using the links at the bottom of the CCPS Home Instruction web page. Links are only active during the sign-up periods.

5. Parents or guardians using option B should contact the umbrella group that is providing home instruction oversight to schedule a portfolio review. 


Home Instruction Information / Application Packet Portfolio Review Forms: 

Notification Form
COMAR Regulations
Annual Testing Schedule

CCPS Scope and Sequence
Maryland State Curriculum Brochure

MSDE Curriculum Website  
MSDE Home Instruction Information Page
MSDE Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the Portfolio Review Process        

Summary Review Sheets  *Optional
Annual Spring Intention Form 

Top Ten Tips for Creating a Review Portfolio


 GED Home Instruction Verification form Home instruction students may take the GED beginning at age 16.

You must be at least 16 years of age to register to take the GED® tests. If you are 16, 17, or 18 and are receiving or have completed home instruction:

You must provide verification of participation in home instruction by submitting a GED home instruction verification form to the Maryland GED® Office. Please complete the student contact information section of the form and contact M. Dona Foster at (410) 386-1822 or mdfoste@carrollk12.org to schedule an appointment for your form to be certified.  In most cases, the form can be completed and mailed to you. 


 MVA Learners Permit form - DL-300

 Maryland State Law requires all applicants for a learner’s permit, under the age of 16, to demonstrate acceptable school attendance in the prior school semester. To verify school attendance, the Home School Coordinator must complete sections B and D of the DL-300 form. Please complete section A on the DL-300 form and contact Emily Van Horn at (410) 751-3013 to schedule an appointment for your form to be certified. Forms will be completed by appointment.


M. Dona Foster

Supervisor of Student Services – Student Support

Carroll County Public Schools


Emily Polanco Van Horn, CCPS
Student Services Home Instruction Department                            

125 N. Court Street

Westminster, MD 21157

V 410-751-3013, fax 410-751-3695



             Portfolio Review SIGN-UPs - ARE OPEN until Nov 2, 2021!

 **Reviews will be virtual via Microsoft TEAMS for the fall reviews

  **If you are unable to review via TEAMS, please contact our office at 410-386-1822 for alternative review methods


          Please use the links below to schedule a portfolio review:

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