Maryland PROMISE Project

Maryland PROMISE – Maryland is one of six sites participating in a US Department of Education's demonstration project designed to improve the education and employment outcomes of youth receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and their families. MD PROMISE will provide enhanced services and supports to youth and their families that meet their individual school and work goals, ultimately allowing them to become better off financially and achieve brighter futures.


MD PROMISE can help a student find a job that matches their interest and skills, complete high school and receive a diploma, connect with support services to help them become more independent, get information to help them enroll in postsecondary education and training, and learn how work can increase their income.

Impact on Students with Disabilities –

MD PROMISE will provide case management, benefits counseling, career and work based learning experiences, and family training. The goal of the initiative is to prepare students for a postsecondary goal of employment. At the conclusion of the five year grant, the partner agencies will have increased capacity to create new pathways to the workforce for populations that have traditionally faced barriers to employment.

For more information, visit the Maryland PROMISE website at


Seamless Transition Services (formerly known as MSTC – Maryland Seamless Transition Collaborative)

This collaborative transition initiative aims to address a model of transition services that is designed to improve postsecondary and employment outcomes of participating students with disabilities through a sequential delivery of specific transition service components. Key elements of the model include:  Discovery Process, Student-led IEP's, School and Academic Preparation, Work-based Experiences, Paid Employment, Family Supports, Connecting Activities & System Linkages, Social & Health Linkages, and Benefits Management.

The major goal of Seamless Transition Services is to skillfully promote and assimilate students' individual talents, desires and abilities with the needs of specific local workforce leaders and businesses where; students transition from a regimented school environment to independent, self-confident, productive members of their communities. And, employers gain qualified reliable employees for crucial positions while raising leadership visibility in the business community, as well as, contributing to the success of the local economy.

The outcome for the Seamless Transition Services model yields a "win, win situation" for students, families, employers and the community. It is based on an intrinsic foundation for an adult life continuum of education, employment, social activity, and community living.  As students with disabilities exit Carroll County Public School system they acquire skills that allow then to pursue opportunities, employ support resources and attain economic self-sufficiency.


CITY – Career Independence for Transitioning Youth

Desired Outcome – Students with disabilities exit Carroll County Public Schools with skills that will allow them to pursue employment opportunities, experience lifelong learning challenges, and participate in community activities that parallel their goals, dreams and interest from a socially responsible and pragmatic standpoint.

Transition Outcome – This collaborative transition initiative is developed around a model, where the outcome is based on a foundation for adult life to be built, acquiring positive life skills for employment (or job readiness skills) and participating in a variety of work-based experiences such a job sampling and job shadowing.

Major Goal – Create opportunities for high school students with disabilities to meet their individual desires, become integrated and involved in their post-school community, and achieve a socially acceptable and responsible adult lifestyle that empower them to achieve a sense of personal satisfaction while contributing as a productive member of society in the communities in which they live.

Model Plan – Key elements of the model include:  Self-Determination, Pre-employment Exploration, and Work-based experiences.

Upcoming Presentations/Conferences


Wednesday, March13-Twelve consecutive Wednesday starting at 6:30 NAMI will provide a free Family-to-Family Education Program.  For more information see attached flyer.  /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/NAMI Carroll County F2F Flyer 3-13-19 (002).pdf

Wednesday, March 13-6:00-8:00-In the Eye of the Storm-through the CCYSB.  Learn about parenting teens and relating to adolescent behavior.  See attached flyer for more information./instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Eye of the Storm - Parenting Teens Flyer - March 2019 (002).pdf 

Wednesday, March 13-6:30-8:30-Shauck Auditorium-Lecture on Human Trafficking-What to learn more about the impact human rafficking has on today's society, identify different types, recognize red flags or discuss the response to human trafficking victims-see flyer for more details /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Human Trafficking Flyer.pdf

Friday, March 15-11:00-1:00 at On Our Own in CC-Free showing of Heroin Kills-see attached flyer for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Heroin Kills Viewing.pdf

Monday, March 18, Monday, April 1 and Monday, April 8 from 6:00-7:30 at the ARC in Westminster Legal and Financial presentations will be held to provide information on planning for your child's future.  See attached advertisement for more information.  /instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/Financial-Legal Planning Presentations.pdf

Saturday, March 30 8:30-5:30-Sibling Conference-See attached flyer for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Sib Conf Flyer 2019.pdf

Friday, April 26 8:30-4:30-Understanding and Treating Selective Mutism.  See attached link for more information:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Selective Mutism.pdf

Friday, May 31 8:00-3:45-Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder-Explore the latest research and treatment modalities for OCD.  See attached for more information-

Resources for the Community

DORS Pre employment Transition Services-Students Grades 9th-12th grade and their families-/instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/DORS Carroll County Fall 2018 (1).pdf

MD Agency Linkage-What is it? Definitions of Services-/instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/MD Agency Linkages.pdf

Supporting Family Resources-/instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/Supporting Families Resources-Transition.pdf

Maryland Medicaid/Home and Community-Based/Long Term Care Services-2018-/instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/MA Waivers_LTSS Blue Book 2018.pdf

Respite camp available for families of children with disabilities.  Some possiblities for the respite are:  an after school activity or camp or program, a weekend camps or weekend overnight camps.  Please see attached flyer and Application for contact information.  **Disregard the dates on the flyer for the original camp.  The flyer is accurate and information is to for the current time of year. 

Flyer for respite- /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Additional Respite Funds Flyer October 2018.doc   Application- /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Respite Camp Application-Checklist 2018 FINAL.pdf

Transition PowerPoint from October 17 Family Support Network Night-/instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/Transition for Parents.pptx

Congruent Counseling-There are 35+ therapist in network with most commercial insurances in 4 locations:  Columbia, Millersville, Towson and Eldersburg.  For more information see their website:

Attention Federal Employees and Contractors living in Carroll County-Need help during the shutdown?  Please see attached flyer:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Federal Shutdown Help_FINAL (002).pdf

Villa Maria Community Resources-Skills for Success services are for children and adolescents, ages 5-17, who experience behavioral or emotional challenges in several areas-See attached brochure for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/SkillsforSuccessBrochureFcrop.pdf 

Bob Berlow, Disability Rights MD PowerPoint Presentation from February 28, 2019 Family Support Night on the IEP Process /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Bob Berlow PowerPoint.pptx

Momo Challenge and Tips: /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Momo Challenge MD SPIN 3.4.19 (1).pdf 

Upcoming Events

Family Leadership Intstitute, 2019-The Family Leadership Institute (FLI) is a free, 60-hour, six-weekend intensive training program for parents and caregivers of school-age children with mental health challenges. Funding for this program is provided by the Maryland State Department of Education.  January 25 & 26, February 8 & 9, March 1 & 2, March 8 & 9, March 29 & 30,  and April 5 & 6, Friday night and Saturday.  See attached flyer for details.  /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Family Leadership Institute 2019.pdf

Family and Children's Services; Walk-In Case Management Services-offered for all residents of Carroll County.  See attached flyer for more information: /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Walk In Case Management Services Flyer (002).docx

How to help prevent teen dating violence:  Take a look at the attached infographic and learn about healthy teen dating resources in Maryland. Please forward this along to others that may find this information helpful.   /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Teen Violence.pdf

Friday, May 31-Sunday, June 2-Carroll Hospice Bereavement Camp-Camp T.R.-Located at Hashawa Environmental Center in Westminster.  See flyer for more information or call Jess Roschen @ 410-871-7656-/instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Grief support camp.doc

National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) brochure for parents.  The brochure answers questions for parents regarding children’s mental health. /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/NIH 18-4702.pdf

'19 Summer Camps

PALS is hosting a summer camp in Baltimore July 7-13, 2019 at the University of MD Baltimore County for young adults with Down Syndrome.  The ages of the campers are from 21-30.  For more information please see attached link: or view their brochure by clicking on this link:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/PALS Brochure 2019.pdf

June 18-Risky Business presentation at Martin's in Westminster-Featuring exhibitors and speaker presentations on addictive behaviors, youth suicide, mindfulness and mental health, and vaping and juuling.  See flyer for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/2019 Risky Business Save Date.pdf

Lions Club are looking for deaf and hard of hearing children who would be interested in attending a deaf camp program at 2 camps in MD.  See attached flyer for more information. /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Lions Club Camps.pdf

Save the Dates

Save the dates for the 2018-2019 school year for the following Family Support Network Nights.  These are typically held from 6:00-7:30 at Carroll Springs Elementary, dinner and childcare will be provided for most nights (please check back to this site and look for emails as the presentation night approaches).   For more information on the topics please email Tammy Chisholm at 

March 11-Communication needs

April 3-Behavior/Sensory topic

May 20-End of Year Picnic

*Please continue to check back on this site and look for emails about each night's presentation.  Topics are subject to change depending on availability of presenters.  As the winter season approaches please also be aware that the cancellation/early dismissal policy for schools will effect cancellation of that night's presentation.