Updated information during Distance Learning
Updated Meal Distribution- *Please note, one site has moved from the church in Manchester to across the street at Manchester Elementary School-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Meal Distribution this week.pdf
Maryland Coailition of Families-Caregiver Support- Second Thursday of the month starting April 9.  See attached for more information- https://mdcoalition.my.salesforce.com/sfc/p/#41000002I4ZB/a/2M000001mao4/VIhHO6V5dgmK1GPbBoCgYSF3IRKHsG_dHOuLb9eYRW4 
Resources for Parents/Guardians:

Medication Assisted Recovery Anonymous Meeting:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/MARA Flyer (1).doc

Family Medical Leave and Meetings: /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/2019_08_08_2A_FMLA.pdf  and /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/FMLA.4.IEPs.pdf

Family Support Brochures-English-Family Support Brochure-English    Spanish-Family Support Brochure-Spanish

Positive Parenting Tips for Healthy Child Development (Infant-age 5):  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Positive Parenting Tips for Healthy Child Development.pdf

The following PowerPoint contains information about the Special Education programs we have in CCPS:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Special Programs SECAC Presentation-Final.pptx

Parents As Teachers (PAT) and Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up (ABC) are voluntary Parenting Support programs.  They are for parent/caregiver and child together, in the home, sharing age appropriate child development information, family well-being discussion and connecting the community agencies involved.  We can help with developmental issues, attachment/bonding (with children 6mos-24mos), help detect developmental delays and prevent abuse/neglect to name a few things.   See brochures for more information: PAT brochure- /instruction/specialeducation/infants/Documents/_PAT brochure FY18-19.pub   and ABC brochure:  /instruction/specialeducation/infants/Documents/ABC Parent Brochure.pdf

Project Connect-This program connects families with children 0-5 who have an incarcerated parent with services, transportation to local appointments and the detention center for visitation, materials to communicate with incarcerated parent, referrals to community agencies, quarterly activities and support groups and school support.  For more information please see the attached flyer or call 667-600-2571.  /instruction/specialeducation/infants/Documents/Project Connect.pdf

Congruent Counseling-There are 35+ therapist in network with most commercial insurances in 4 locations:  Colombia, Millersville, Towson and Eldersburg.  For more information see their website:  https://congruentcounseling.com/

Family and Children's Services- Walk-In Case Management Services-offered for all residents of Carroll County.  See attached flyer for more information: /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Walk In Case Management Services Flyer (002).docx

How to help prevent teen dating violence:  Take a look at the attached infographic and learn about healthy teen dating resources in Maryland. Please forward this along to others that may find this information helpful.   /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Teen Violence.pdf

Judy Center Referral Form for 2019-Carroll County Families from pregnancy until your child enters Kindergarten can participate.  Several services are provided.  See attached for referral form and the Judy Center Brochure for 2019:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Judy Center Referral Form FY19.docx; /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/FY19 Judy Center Brochure.pdf 

Maryland ABLE presentation:   /instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/Maryland-ABLE-Full Version 2019.pdf

Suicide Prevention Awareness Resources:  /instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/Triple s flyer April 2019.pdf/instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/More Than Sad Training Flyer.pdf/instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/Teen Talk Flyer.pdf/instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/safeTALK_Flyer_9.2019.pdff

Tuesday, February 18-April 14, 6:00-8:00 p.m. -A nine week session for Families Strong:  Support for when families are affected by substance abuse.  For more information see attached flyer-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Carroll County Families Strong One Pager (002).pdf

Tuesday’s from February 25-April 21, 6pm-8pm at Carroll Hospital-“Families Strong”-for family members that have a loved ones with an addiction.  For more information see attached flyer-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Families Strong.doc

Wednesday, March 4 from 4pm-6pm-Free Adolescent/Child Walk-in Vaccine Clinic at the Carroll County Health Department; see attached flyer-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Vaccines 3-4-2020.doc

Saturday, March 7, 2020-10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.-CCEA and Town Mall of Westminster are hosting "Read from Sea to Shining Sea".  Breakfast starts at 9:30 (until it is gone). There will be activities, read alouds, photo opportunities, a free book, the Oriole Bird and Keynote (Fredrick Keys mascot)!!. This event is open to ALL! Please join us!!  See attached flyer for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/From Sea to Shining Sea.pdf

**Starting Saturday March 14, 2020-Do you have a student that is at least 14 years old and in 9th grade, or a 10th, 11th or 12th grader with a 504, an IEP or a documented disability? DORS in Westminster are offering modules to help with a variety of needs (time management, self advocacy). These are provided through Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS). For more information or to register please call (410) 848-4456 or Email Lea Amari @ lea.amari@maryland.gov 

Saturday, March 21-8:30-3:30-Managing Frustration, Anxiety and Teaching Social Skills; to register- https://app.etapestry.com/cart/PathfindersforAutism/default/item.php?ref=843.0.1255933995

Saturday, March 28 from 9am-11pm; Job Fair hosted by the MD School for the Blind and The Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.  Held at the Multiple Disabilities Building in Baltimore.  See attached flyer for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/MSB and LBPH Spring JOB FAIR 2020.pdf

NCRC is holding a parent-child soccer clinic to Carroll County students with special needs starting on Sunday’s in late April for students K-12.  They are also holding Manchester Baseball’s Miracle Team-for “children with special needs, ages 4-16 that have a passion and desire to play baseball.  For more information see attached flyer-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/NCSC Spring 2020 Corollary.pdf  and  /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/MB Spring 2020 Miracle Team.pdf  

Wednesday, April 15, 5pm-8pm-“Human Library” at McDaniel College.  A safe space where human “books”, members in the community who have experienced discrimination or prejudice based on who you are, can share your story.  For more information see attached flyer-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Human Library 2020-event flier (002).pdf

Tuesday, April 21-6:30-8:00 p.m.-Understanding Autism; to register- https://app.etapestry.com/cart/PathfindersforAutism/default/category.php?ref=843.0.950478493

Thursday, May 7, 6pm-7:30 p.m.-at Carroll County Career and Technical Center parking lot.  For more information see attached flyer-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Big Truck Night 2020.doc

Wednesday, May 13; noon-1:30-ABCs of Challenging Behavior Management; to register- https://app.etapestry.com/cart/PathfindersforAutism/default/item.php?ref=843.0.1187717175

Free financial classes, financial coaching, and tax preparation services.  For more information see attached-/instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/HSP Financial Services Jan-April 2020.pdf /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/VITA Tax Prep Flyer.pdf

The Youth Service Bureau and Life Renewal have walk in counseling hours where you can get a quick assessment and treatment recommendations (through Youth Service Bureau, must be 16 years or older, accepts private insurance and medical assistance-must call in advance; Life Renewal-MA only).  See attached for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/CCYSBSeries Flyer.pdf  Life Renewal- /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/LRS Carroll Clinic Walk-In Flyer.pdf

March 28-Honestly Autism Day 2020.  See attached flyer for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Autism Day 2020.doc

The MD Youth Leadership Forum is looking for high school juniors and seniors with disabilities to participate in the 2020 Youth Leadership Forum held at Towson University.
2019 YLF dates: June 24-27, 2020
2019 YLF location: Towson University
Deadline for application: Friday, March 8, 2020
For more information and to apply go to:  http://www.innow.org/pdfs/2019-YLF-Application-accessible.pdf

Camp Journey-Overnight Services; respite program for short-term, temporary care to youth ages 11-17.  For more information: /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Camp Journey Info Sheet.pdf

Monday’s from 5:30-6:30 p.m.-Healing Journeys-Domestic Violence Support Group.  For more information go to:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Healing Journeys.pdf

June 18-19; 8:30-4:30-PODD 2 Day Introductory Workshop Multi-Modal Communication Strategies for Children who have complex communication needs.  For more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/6.2020 2 day in county (1).pdf

August 3-4; 8:30-4:30-PODD 2 Day Introductory Workshop Multi-Modal Communication Strategies for Children who have complex communication needs.  For more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/8.2020 2 day in county (1).pdf

Thursday, March 19; 10:00-2:00-Veterans Claims Clinic and Resource Fair at Carroll Community College- For more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Veterans Claims Clinic Resource Fair Flyer 3-19-20.pdf

Respite Care Services for children with a documented disability, under the age of 21, enrolled in school and resides in Carroll County.  For more information and to apply-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Respite Camp Application REVISED 01.2020 (4).doc /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Respite Care Services Flyer 2020 (4).pub

May 3-9, 2020-Children’s Mental Health Matters Campaign-Artwork contest-for more information and details go to:  https://www.childrensmentalhealthmatters.org/files/2020/01/Call-for-Artwork-w-Letter-2020.pdf

Carroll County Recs and Parks Summer Camp Guide is now available-go to:  https://www.carrollcountymd.gov/government/directory/recreation-parks/program-registration/

Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities:
2020 Summer Learning Series go to:  https://www.kennedykrieger.org/community/initiatives/maryland-center-developmental-disabilities/2020-summer-learning-series



Fall Newsletter

K-21 parents-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Fall 2019 Newsletter.pdf

Winter Newsletter

All Families and Staff, Birth-21-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Winter 2019-2020 Family Support Newsletter.pdf

Spring Newsletter

All Families and Staff, Birth-21-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Spring 2020 Family Support Newsletter.pdf

Upcoming Conferences/Workshops/Presentations

January 24 and 25; February 7, 8, 21 and 22; March 6, 7, 20 and 21; April 3 and 4-2020 Family Leadership Institute-intensive 6-week training for parents and caregivers.  See attached for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/2020 Family Leadership Institute (FLI) (1).pdf

Pathfinders for Autism is holding multiple workshops for more information- https://pathfindersforautism.org/register-for-events/

Summer 2020

2020 Summer Learning Series at Kennedy Krieger.  For more information: 

2020 Summer Camps at Carroll Community College-  www.carrollcc.edu/summerkids  or for more information:  https://carrollcc.augusoft.net/    

Save the Dates

Save the dates for the 2019-2020 school year for the following Family Support Network Nights.  These are typically held from 6:00-7:30 at Carroll Springs Elementary, childcare will be provided for most nights (please check back to this site and look for emails as the presentation night approaches).   For more information on the topics please email Tammy Chisholm at tlchish@carrollk12.org 

Family Support Nights for 2019-2020-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Family Support Activities For Families.pdf





Thursday, March 26, 2020 from 6:00-7:30, Family Support presents "Getting Ready for Kindergarten" with Diane Groft and Cynthia Freed.  See attached flyer for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/March 26-Getting Ready for Kindergarten.pdf

Family Support Nights 2019-2020

Monday, September 24 Back to School Picnic
Thursday, October 10 Behavior Strategies for the Home
Monday, November 11 Talk about puberty and your changing body
Monday, December 9 Pictures with Sensory Santa
Wednesday, February 12 Dealing with Grief and Taking Care of Yourself
Monday, March 9 Resource Fair at *Winters Mill High School
Wednesday, April 15 Sibling Panel/Parent Panel
Tuesday, May 19 End of Year Picnic


*Please continue to check back on this site and look for emails about each night's presentation.  Topics are subject to change depending on availability of presenters.  As the winter season approaches please also be aware that the cancellation/early dismissal policy for schools will effect cancellation of that night's presentation.