The Judy Center Partnership of Carroll County is funded by a federal grant given to the Maryland Stated Department of Education.  This program is designed to promote school readiness for children from birth through age five.  Numerous non-profit and public agencies work in collaboration to foster success in school.  The staff work with the child and the family, community-based agencies, and childcare providers throughout the county.  More information can be obtained by contacting:

Sue Mitchell


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Parents As Teachers (a service of the Judy Center) is a nationally recognized program available to parents in Carroll County who require child development knowledge and parenting support.  It is available free of charge to families from pregnancy until their child enters kindergarten.  This program helps teach parents about what to expect in each stage of their child's development and offer ideas about ways to foster learning during everyday activities.  To learn more, call 410-751-3613.  

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Family Support is an Information and Resource Center for families, educators, and community agencies within Carroll County. The staff can provide information and support for issues that involve children's educational needs.  They offer workshops and inservices throughout the school year, organize various activities for children and their families, and manage an extensive lending library.  For more information about Family Support, contact:

Tammy Chisholm


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