​The Carroll County Birth through Five program involves families in the planning and implementation of the child’s service plan. An Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), developed with the family, takes into account the special interests, daily routines, and priorities of the family as a whole. As a parent or guardian, you should not be a reluctant bystander! Prepare for IFSP development by taking a few minutes to jot down the things that are most difficult or most important to your family right now. Your team can then tailor a plan that addresses those needs and fosters your child’s development and family activities. Using the “coaching model” , it is the provider's goal to make you the best teacher and therapist for your child. In a parent-coached model, you become a learner as the early intervention (EI) provider coaches you to work with your child in your daily routine. During this time, you can ask questions and work through any problems to ensure that all the strategies and techniques modeled make sense to you and your family.