Resources for parents:

This is an excellent website developed through a partnership between the Maryland Department of Education Division of Special Education and Early Intervention Services and the Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education. It is a resource for providers and families with children with disabilities. This website is filled with information for parents of children birth through age 5. Within the website, you will find explanations of the IFSP and IEP processes, links to specific resources, and an online forum for families to network and share. Very easy to navigate.-

This is a website designed for those who care for children from birth through age three. It provides information about child growth and development and provides ideas for fun, age appropriate activities.

Positive Parenting Tips for Healthy Child Development (Infant-age 5):  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Positive Parenting Tips for Healthy Child Development

Parents As Teachers (PAT) and Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up (ABC) are voluntary Parenting Support programs.  They are for parent/caregiver and child together, in the home, sharing age appropriate child development information, family well-being discussion and connecting the community agencies involved.  We can help with developmental issues, attachment/bonding (with children 6mos-24mos), help detect developmental delays and prevent abuse/neglect to name a few things.   See brochures for more information: PAT brochure/instruction/specialeducation/infants/Documents/_PAT brochure   and ABC brochure-/instruction/specialeducation/infants/Documents/ABC Parent Brochure.pdf
Project Connect-This program connects families with children 0-5 who have an incarcerated parent with services, transportation to local appointments and the detention center for visitation, materials to communicate with incarcerated parent, referrals to community agencies, quarterly activities and support groups and school support.  For more information please see the attached flyer or call 667-600-2571.  /instruction/specialeducation/infants/Documents/Project Connect.pdf
Respite camp available for families of children with disabilities.  Some possiblities for the respite are:  an after school activity or camp or program, a weekend camps or weekend overnight camps.  Please see attached flyer and Application for contact information.  **Disregard the dates on the flyer for the original camp.  The flyer is accurate and information is to for the current time of year. 

Congruent Counseling-There are 35+ therapist in network with most commercial insurances in 4 locations:  Columbia, Millersville, Towson and Eldersburg.  For more information see their website:

Family and Children's Services; Walk-In Case Management Services-offered for all residents of Carroll County.  See attached flyer for more information: /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Walk In Case Management Services Flyer (002).docx

How to help prevent teen dating violence:  Take a look at the attached infographic and learn about healthy teen dating resources in Maryland. Please forward this along to others that may find this information helpful.   /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Teen Violence.pdf

May 5-11 -Mental Health Matters-Carroll County E-SMART and CCPL will have story-times to help caregivers and children learn and talk about behaviors and moods that are usual for each stage of development or to find out when extra help is needed.  See attached link for more information on times, stories and locations.  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/CMHM Community Reading flyer.pdf

May 17-11:00-1:00-Parent Café-Share ideas that can help us take care of ourselves and our families and raise strong, happy children.  See attached for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Parent Cafe Flier- May 2019.docx  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/What is the Parent Café.docx

May 27 5:30-9:00 at the Maritime Conference Center in Linthicum-Dr. Temple Grandin.  For more information and to register see Future Horizons' website:   

Friday, May 31-Sunday, June 2-Carroll Hospice Bereavement Camp-Camp T.R.-Located at Hashawa Environmental Center in Westminster.  See flyer for more information or call Jess Roschen @ 410-871-7656-/instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Grief support camp.doc

Judy Center Referral Form for 2019-Carroll County Families from pregnancy until your child enters Kindergarten can participate.  Several services are provided.  See attached for referral form and the Judy Center Brochure for 2019:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Judy Center Referral Form FY19.docx; /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/FY19 Judy Center Brochure.pdf 

National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) brochure for parents.  The brochure answers questions for parents regarding children’s mental health. /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/NIH 18-4702.pdf

Attention Federal Employees and Contractors living in Carroll County-Need help during the shutdown?  Please see attached flyer:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Federal Shutdown Help_FINAL (002).pdf

Villa Maria Community Resources-Skills for Success services are for children and adolescents, ages 5-17, who experience behavioral or emotional challenges in several areas-See attached brochure for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/SkillsforSuccessBrochureFcrop.pdf

Bob Berlow, Disability Rights MD PowerPoint Presentation from February 28, 2019 Family Support Night on the IEP Process /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Bob Berlow PowerPoint.pptx

Dysregulation information:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Dysregulation.pdf

April 3rd PowerPoint on Sensory and Behavior presented by Josselyn Ensor and Kristen Hoffman:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Sensory and Behavior.pptx

Trauma and ACES:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/ACES AND FAMILIES.2.pdf  and /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/ACES Families.pdf  and /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/ACEsInfographic_080218.pdf

Fostering Resilience:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Resilience Facts for Families.pdf  or additional information may be found on the website at:

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week:  When to Seek Help and Other ResourcesThroughout the week we have raised awareness about good mental health, reviewed a variety of mental health disorders, and provided strategies for you to support your child.  Attached you will find a list of books for children/teens to read that further explore the topic of mental health, as well as, a fact sheet on when to seek help for your child.  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Booklist Younger Children.pdf

/instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Booklist Older Children.pdf            /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/When to Seek Help FAmilies.pdf

Additional information may be found on the website at:


Tuesday, May 14-6:30-Free Community Event-The Science of Addiction and Talking to Kids about Drugs.  At West Middle School-for more information see attached flyer:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/The Science of Addiction and Talking to Kids about Drugs.doc

Wednesday, May 15 6:30-8:00-Financial Expectations When you are Expecting-see attached for more information:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Tevis Financial Seminar March fnl.pdf

May 23 6:30-No Small Matter-documentary to explore the most overlooked, underestimated, and powerful force for good in America today:  early childhood education.  See link for more information: 

Friday, May 31 8:00-3:45-Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder-Explore the latest research and treatment modalities for OCD.  See attached for more information-
Monday, June 3-6:30-8:00-Parent and Student Focus Groups-MD Study of IEP process-Are you a parent who has a child or youth with an IEP? We want to hear about your experiences! What
is working well and what could be done to improve how children and youth receiving special education are educated in Maryland public schools?  Frederick High School - Cafeteria 650 Carroll Parkway
Frederick, MD 21701 See attached flyer for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Maryland IEP study focup group flyer_ Allegany_SP.pdf  or in Spanish-/instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Maryland IEP study focup group flyer_ Allegany RAS_.pdf
June 24-25 8:30-4:30-PODD 2 Day Introductory Workshop Mulit Modal Communication Strategies for Children who have complex communication needs-see attached for more information, /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/PODD 2 day June 2019 in county.pdf
July 8-12 8:30-4:30-Teaching Movement for Communication:  Accessing AAC for Children Who Have ComplexCommunication Needs by Claire Cotter, Gayle Porter, Linda Burkhart.  See attached for more information:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Movements_5_day_flyer_19.pdf
August 12-13 8:30-4:30-Another PODD 2 Day Introductory Workshop Mulit Modal Communication Strategies for Children who have complex communication needs-see attached for more information, /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/PODD 2 day August 2019 in county.pdf

Summer 2019

Looking for Camps for Summer 2019?  Please see attached website for some possibilities.

June 18-Risky Business presentation at Martin's in Westminster-Featuring exhibitors and speaker presentations on addictive behaviors, youth suicide, mindfulness and mental health, and vaping and juuling.  See flyer for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/2019 Risky Business Save Date.pdf

Lions Club are looking for deaf and hard of hearing children who would be interested in attending a deaf camp program at 2 camps in MD.  See attached flyer for more information. /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Lions Club Camps.pdf

Respite Camp information for your Special Needs child?  Deadline is May 31-see attached flyer and application for more information:  Flyer: /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Respite Camp Flyer 2019.docx    Application:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Respite Camp Application REVISED 03.2019.docx

June 24-August 23-Carroll Community College Summer! Kids browse all summer adventures and register at

June 24-June 28-Camp Invention-Manchester Elementary, William Winchester Elementary or Elmer Wolfe Elementary.  For more information: 

Tuesday, August 27th 10:00-2:00-Community Outreach Summer Fair-Back to school shopping supplies, dental screenings, free haircuts, and more.  See flyer for more information.  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Summer fair flyer 19.doc 

Save the Dates

Save the dates for the 2018-2019 school year for the following Family Support Network Nights.  These are typically held from 6:00-7:30 at Carroll Springs Elementary, dinner and childcare will be provided for most nights (please check back to this site and look for emails as the presentation night approaches).   For more information on the topics please email Tammy Chisholm at 

May 20-End of Year Picnic

*Please continue to check back on this site and look for emails about each night's presentation.  Topics are subject to change depending on availability of presenters.  As the winter season approaches please also be aware that the cancellation/early dismissal policy for schools will effect cancellation of that night's presentation.

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