Upcoming events
October Family Support night-  Wednesday, October 17th from 6:00-7:30 at Carroll Springs Elementary.  Come out to learn about Transition Services and filling out a DDA Application.  Presenters from CCPS and Get Connected.  Childcare provided!!  See flyer for more information.  /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Family Support Network Flyer for October 17.doc
MSDE surveys for Birth to 5 students will be coming to you in the next several weeks.  Surveys are due back to MSDE by November 9, 2018.  These surveys help Maryland and Carroll County plan workshops, trainings and education for parents, teachers and community members.  Please take 15 minutes to fill out the survey.  Frequently Asked Question document can be found here:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/2018-2019 Family Survey FAQ.pdf
Starting November 7th-Interested in Sign classes for your child?  See attached flyer for all of the dates and times.  /instruction/specialeducation/infants/Documents/Fall Sign Language Classes.pub
Conferences in the area:
-DORS Pre employment Transition Services-Students Grades 9th-12th grade and their families-/instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/DORS Carroll County Fall 2018 (1).pdf

October 20, 2018-8:30-2:30-Gliding into the Future-Caregivers Conference-focused on "caregivers who are caring for family members oer the age of 60 and grandparents raising grandchildren under the age of 18-/instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Gliding into the Future - Caregivers Conference.htm

October 24, 2018-6:00-7:30-Want to get your child moving more and less screen time?  Please see attached flyer for participation-/instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Screen Time Flyer Oct 24th.pdf

November 9, 2018-Behavioral presentations by several Behavioral Health Service Organizations & coordination insight-/instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/CAT 102 2018 Save the Date.pdf

Free Online training-Supporting Social Emotional Wellness in Early Childhood-/instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Supporting SE Wellness in EC 9.12.18.pdf


Resources for parents/guardians:

Positive Parenting Tips for Healthy Child Development (Infant-age 5):  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Positive Parenting Tips for Healthy Child Development.pdf

Maryland Medicaid/Home and Community-Based/Long Term Care Services-2018-/instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/MA Waivers_LTSS Blue Book 2018.pdf

Family Involvement Survey Results from 2017-2018-Carroll County results-/instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/2017-2018 Family Involvement Survey Results-CCPS.pdf

Family Involvement Survey Results from 2017-2018-state of Maryland results-/instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/2017-2018 Family Involvement Survey Results-MD.pdf

The following PowerPoint contains information about the Special Education programs we have in CCPS-/instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Special Programs SECAC Presentation-Final.pptx

Respite camp available for families of children with disabilities.  Some possiblities for the respite are:  an after school activity or camp or program, a weekend camps or weekend overnight camps.  Please see attached flyer and Application for contact information.  **Disregard the dates on the flyer for the original camp.  The flyer is accurate and information is to for the current time of year. 

Flyer for respite- /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Additional Respite Funds Flyer October 2018.doc   Application- /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Respite Camp Application-Checklist 2018 FINAL.pdf

Wonderful website to help with navigating issues related to Attention and Learning:  https://www.understood.org/en

Parents As Teachers (PAT) and Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up (ABC) are voluntary Parenting Support programs.  They are for parent/caregiver and child together, in the home, sharing age appropriate child development information, family well-being discussion and connecting the community agencies involved.  We can help with developmental issues, attachment/bonding (with children 6mos-24mos), help detect developmental delays and prevent abuse/neglect to name a few things.   See brochures for more information: PAT brochure/instruction/specialeducation/infants/Documents/_PAT brochure FY18-19.pub   and ABC brochure-/instruction/specialeducation/infants/Documents/ABC Parent Brochure.pdf

Save the Dates

Save the dates for the 2018-2019 school year for the following Family Support Network Nights.  These are typically held from 6:00-7:30 at Carroll Springs Elementary, dinner and childcare will be provided for most nights (please check back to this site and look for emails as the presentation night approaches).   For more information on the topics please email Tammy Chisholm at tlchish@carrollk12.org

October 17th-Transition/DDA Application-currently advertised, RSVP to tlchish@carrollk12.org

November 12th-Fall Fest

December 3-Sensory Santa

February 11-IEP Topics

March 11-Communication needs

April 3-Behavior/Sensory topic

May 20-End of Year Picnic

*Please continue to check back on this site and look for emails about each night's presentation.  Topics are subject to change depending on availability of presenters.  As the winter season approaches please also be aware that the cancellation/early dismissal policy for schools will effect cancellation of that night's presentation.