Resources for Parents/Guardians:

Parent Guide for Recovery/Compensatory Services:, under PARENTS' GUIDES.

Medication Assisted Recovery Anonymous Meeting:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/MARA Flyer (1).doc

Family Medical Leave and Meetings: /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/2019_08_08_2A_FMLA.pdf  and /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/FMLA.4.IEPs.pdf

Family Support Brochures-English-Family Support Brochure-English    Spanish-Family Support Brochure

The following PowerPoint contains information about the Special Education programs we have in CCPS:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Special Programs SECAC Presentation-Final.pptx

Wonderful website to help with navigating issues related to Attention and Learning:

Parents As Teachers (PAT) and Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up (ABC) are voluntary Parenting Support programs.  They are for parent/caregiver and child together, in the home, sharing age appropriate child development information, family well-being discussion and connecting the community agencies involved.  We can help with developmental issues, attachment/bonding (with children 6mos-24mos), help detect developmental delays and prevent abuse/neglect to name a few things.   See brochures for more information: PAT brochure- /instruction/specialeducation/infants/Documents/_PAT brochure   and ABC brochure:  /instruction/specialeducation/infants/Documents/ABC Parent Brochure.pdf

Project Connect-This program connects families with children 0-5 who have an incarcerated parent with services, transportation to local appointments and the detention center for visitation, materials to communicate with incarcerated parent, referrals to community agencies, quarterly activities and support groups and school support.  For more information please see the attached flyer or call 667-600-2571.  /instruction/specialeducation/infants/Documents/Project Connect.pdf

Congruent Counseling-There are 35+ therapist in network with most commercial insurances in 4 locations:  Colombia, Millersville, Towson and Eldersburg.  For more information see their website:

Family and Children's Services- Walk-In Case Management Services-offered for all residents of Carroll County.  See attached flyer for more information: /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/Walk In Case Management Services Flyer (002).docx

National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) brochure for parents.  The brochure answers questions for parents regarding children’s mental health /instruction/specialeducation/community/partners/Documents/NIH 18-4702.pdf 

Suicide Prevention Awareness Resources:  /instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/Triple s flyer April 2019.pdf/instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/More Than Sad Training Flyer.pdf/instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/Teen Talk Flyer.pdf/instruction/specialeducation/postsecondary/Documents/safeTALK_Flyer_9.2019.pdf

Judy Center Early Learning Hub Newsletter-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Judy Center 2020.pdf

The Youth Service Bureau and Life Renewal have walk in counseling hours where you can get a quick assessment and treatment recommendations (through Youth Service Bureau, must be 16 years or older, accepts private insurance and medical assistance-must call in advance; Life Renewal-MA only).  See attached for more information-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/CCYSBSeries Flyer.pdf  Life Renewal- /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/LRS Carroll Clinic Walk-In Flyer.pdf

Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities:
2020 Summer Learning Series go to:

Carroll County Community Mediation Center Newsletter-/instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/CCCMC Newsletter - October 2020 Edition.pdf

October 15, 2020 Mary O'Byrne Future Legal Planning Presenation- 

MSDE Division of Early Intervention & Special Ed. Services announced a series of virtual IEP resources for families. The IEP Process: Resources for Families during Virtual and Hybrid Learning. Go to:  The IEP Process: Resources for Families during Virtual and Hybrid Learning – Maryland Learning Links


Fall Newsletter- or PDF- /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Fall Newsletter 2020.pdf

Winter Newsletter- or PDF- /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Winter 2020-2021 Newsletter.pdf

Spring Newsletter:  or PDF:  /instruction/specialeducation/community/Documents/Spring 2021.pdf

Summer Newsletter:  or PDF:  smore_newsletter (6).pdf


Save the Dates

Due to COVID, we are currently holding these nights Virtually using the Google Meet platform.  You must have Google Chrome to access Google Meet.  As we progress into the school year, updates will be provided as to how presentations will be held.  For more information on the topics please email Tammy Chisholm at

Google Meet Directions- /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Directions for Google Meet Presentation 2020-2021.pdf

Housekeeping/General Rules- /instruction/specialeducation/community/family/Documents/Housekeeping.pdf

Family Support Nights 2021-2022:  Tentative Family Nights  (Topics, dates and times may need to be adjusted.  These are only tentatively scheduled.  Look for more information in the coming year.)

*Please continue to check back on this site and look for emails about each night's presentation.  Topics are subject to change depending on availability of presenters.  As the winter season approaches please also be aware that the cancellation/early dismissal policy for schools will effect cancellation of that night's presentation.