Carroll County Public Schools have a full-time Media Specialist in each of their elementary, middle, and high schools. They are dedicated professionals, with advanced degrees, focused on proving quality print and digital resources for our students. Each Media Specialist develops their school Media program and collection to support curricular needs, digital literacy skills, and student interests. Media centers provide equitable access to a variety of materials and exciting programs - such as Battle of the Books and the SCORE Challenge - and a place for students to research, read, and relax.

Elementary Schools

Carroll Springs

         Betsy WirickMedia Specialist


Carrolltowne Elementary

Suelyn Rivera, Media Specialist
Emily Barker, Media Clerk


Cranberry Station Elementary

Karen Marks, Media Specialist
Tammy Reichert, Media Clerk


Ebb Valley Elementary

Susan Foote, Media Specialist
Michelle Gibbons, Media Clerk


Eldersburg Elementary

Sarah Parsons, Media Specialist
Amy Navarre, Media Clerk


Elmer Wolfe Elementary

Danielle Schwessinger, Media Specialist
Theresa Thompson, Media Clerk


Freedom Elementary

Jen Yohe, Media Specialist
Linda Glazier, Media Clerk


Friendship Valley Elementary

Kathleen Casper, Media Specialist
Amy Robbins, Media Clerk


Hampstead Elementary

Annie Martin, Media Specialist
Bridget Elkins, Media Clerk


Linton Springs Elementary

Tally Myers & Kristen Wilson, Media Specialists
Kathy Gounaris, Media Clerk


Manchester Elementary

Annie Cumberland and Marnie Pierce, Media Specialists

Doris Graybeal, Media Clerk


Mechanicsville Elementary

Stefanie Goldsmith, Media Specialist
Carolyn Boggs, Media Clerk


Mount Airy Elementary

Karen Dulany, Media Specialist
Emily Taylor, Media Clerk


Parr’s Ridge Elementary

Rebecca Dashiell, Media Specialist
Ruthanne Glover, Media Clerk


Piney Ridge Elementary

Renee Cross, Media Specialist
Patricia Hagg, Media Clerk


Robert Moton Elementary

Michelle Meagher, Media Specialist
Emma Fish, Media Clerk


Runnymede Elementary

Peggy Miller & Jamie Rooney, Media Specialists
Michele Patterson, Media Clerk


Sandymount Elementary

Karen Boggs, Media Specialist
Michelle Dayton, Media Clerk


Spring Garden Elementary

Ashley Brewer, Media Specialist
Luanna Stewart, Media Clerk


Taneytown Elementary

Kathryn Berling, Media Specialist
Angela Henry, Media Clerk


Westminster Elementary

Alison Sullivan, Media Specialist
Carla Queen, Media Clerk


William Winchester Elementary

Liz Lisiewski, Media Specialist
Cynthia Beckhardt, Media Clerk


Winfield Elementary

Samantha Stitely & Kelley Crews, Media Specialists
Tracy Yokay, Media Clerk


Middle Schools


East Middle

Michael Stencil, Sr., Media Specialist
Patricia Hartlove, Media Clerk


Mount Airy Middle

Nickole McGurk, Specialist
Maggie Potito, Media Clerk


North Carroll Middle

Laurie Owings, Media Specialist
Heather Phillips, Media Clerk


Northwest Middle

Kerry Woodard, Media Specialist
Yvonne Green, Media Clerk


Oklahoma Road Middle

Carolyn Cherry, Media Specialist
Carolyn Coyle, Media Clerk


Shiloh Middle

Holly Fuhrman, Media Specialist
Kristie Fritz, Media Clerk


 Sykesville Middle

Stacy Bricca, Media Specialist
Michele Vondy, Media Clerk


West Middle

Stacey Kahler, Media Specialist
Diane English, Media Clerk


High Schools


Century High

Penny Foster, Media Specialist
Lori Scott, Media Clerk


Francis Scott Key High

M. Lynn Myers, Media Specialist
Diane Whitney-Butts, Media Clerk


Liberty High

Trisha Deen, Media Specialist 
Kirsten Evans, Media Clerk


Manchester Valley High

Val Dennis, Media Specialist
Cristin Cellitto, Media Clerk


South Carroll High

Brittany Zecchino, Media Specialist
Donna Hamby, Media Clerk


Westminster High

Kim Johnson, Media Specialist
Kim Hackett, Media Clerk


Winters Mill High

Gail Faust, Media Specialist
Terri Stecher, Media Clerk