Some amazing things have been happening in our libraries!!  Check them out!!


What an awesome group of students!!  Runnymede Elementary School has a Minecraft Club, and when they found out the younger students were not going on the zoo field trip, they created them a virtual zoo to visit!!  The younger students loved all the virtual animals!!  So very cool Runnymede!!

Runnymede Virtual ClubRunnymede Virtual 2Runnymede Virtual 3Runnymede Virtual 4


In February, students enjoyed a story walk through the halls of Carroll Springs with the book, I Love You and Cheese Pizza, by Brenda Li. It began in the front of the school and led students to the Media Center where the last sign asked them to share their opinion of the book and select a bookmark prize.

Carroll Springs I Love You and Cheese Pizza eventCarroll Springs I Love You and Cheese Pizza Event PictureCarroll Springs I Love You and Cheese Pizza Event PictureCarroll Springs I Love You and Cheese Pizza Event Picture

Carroll Springs I Love You and Cheese Pizza Event PictureCarroll Springs I Love You and Cheese Pizza Event PictureCarroll Springs I Love You and Cheese Pizza Event Picture



Author, Jenny Downham, visited Westminster High School to speak with their book club about her writing process and authorship.  It was a great event sponsored by A Likely Story bookstore in Sykesville.

Westminster High Book Club


At Ebb Valley Elementary School, third graders read the Black Eyed Susan nominee Do Not Lick This Book.  Afterwards, they came up with three questions about microbes and set out to research the answers.  Great job!



The 7th annual SCORE Challenge took place at West Middle on Friday Nov. 22nd.  112 students from 7 middle schools participated.  Working collaboratively to research answers to questions using databases, these teams demonstrated their knowledge of research techniques and know-how.  Congratulations to top placing teams from Oklahoma Road, Shiloh, and North Carroll Middle.  Thanks to all the extra efforts of the media specialists and their Carroll County Public Library partners.

Score 2019score 2019Score 2019

SCORE 2019SCORE 2019Score 2019


A combined 149 students from North Carroll and East Middle School participated in their school's third annual Locked In To Reading event!!  This challenging escape room event required teams of students to collaborate and use problem-solving skills.  The puzzles and clues were based on books from the Maryland Black-Eyed Susan List.  Students absolutely loved working hard to stop the Evil Librarian Society from taking over the world. 

LITR 2019LITR 2019LITR 2019LITR 2019LITR 2019LITR 2019



Shiloh Middle School held their first ever Locked In To Reading event on May 2nd!! The competition was based on ten books on this year's Maryland Black-Eyed Susan list.  Six teams of students completed challenges to unlock clues and locks to escape the Media Center in an hour or less!! 

Shiloh LITRShiloh LITRShiloh LITRShiloh LITR


South Carroll's Student Diversity Committee and Public Speaking Class, along with volunteer students, led a Human Library.  A Human Library is an opportunity for students to talk to each other and open the door to authentic conversations about tough topics.

South Carroll HumanSouth Carroll HumanSouth Carroll HumanSouth Carroll Human


AP Psychology students at South Carroll, members of the Wellness Committee, Peer Facilitators, and the Counseling department ran a mental health center in South Carroll's library with the goal of showing students the mental health resources the school provides, as well as learning more about mental health topics.  AP Psychology research projects were guided by teacher Tim Steadman and school librarian Kim Johnson.

South Carroll PsychSouth Carroll PsychSouth Carroll Psych

South Carroll PsychSouth Carroll Psych


Sandymount students and their families enjoyed their annual Star Wars Reading Night.  Students dressed up and participated in a variety of reading activities.  Students also had fun meeting some of their favorite Star Wars characters.


Sandymount Star WarsSandymount Star WarsSandymount Star WarsSandymount Star Wars

Sandymount Star WarsSandymount Star WarsSandymount Star WarsSandymount Star WarsSandymount Star Wars

Students fifth graders also helped Pre-K students learn how to code in the media center.

Sandymount Coding


The Kindergarten students at Parr’s Ridge Elementary School have been reading the Black-Eyed Susan Nominees. After reading, Philomena’s Glasses, students got a chance to visit a makerspace station to create their own photograph like the story.  They had a lot of fun!

studentsParrs Ridge StudentsParr's Ridge students



First graders at Parr’s Ridge created constellations as part of their Out of This World Unit. They researched how stars form in PebbleGo and then read online about constellations. Students had a chance to make their own constellations and then project them on the wall using a flashlight.

Out of this World ProjectOut of this world projectOut of this world project


Students in 5th grade at Runnymede Elementary are working on collaborating with each other to exchange ideas, develop new understandings, and demonstrate teamwork as they practice coding skills as part of our Computer Science unit in Media.  Students will apply coding skills to solve puzzles on the website, code robotics or solve puzzles using Scratch Offline software.  The students are also preparing to participate in the Hour of Code in December.

Runnymede ElementaryRunnymede ElementaryRunnymede ElementaryRunnymede ElementaryRunnymede Elementary


Westminster High School hosted their school's first virtual college visit with Bloomsburg Univerity.  Bloomsburg's admission counselor was able to talk with students and share information with interested students.  The students were able to see videos, pictures and discuss with the counselor any questions they had about the college!!  

Westminster High SchoolWestminster High School


Families at Robert Moton Elementary attended our first Title 1 Media and Tech Open House in the Media Center from 3:00-5:00 pm on Monday, November 19th! The Media Center welcomed families to access technology resources, learn more about databases available to students at home, and to check out books as a family. Family Book Borrowing is a new opportunity this year to allow readers more access to our wonderful media collection! We’re looking forward to hosting more Open House events in the future!

Robert MotonRobert MotonRobert Moton


As part of a school-wide reading promotion, students at Winfield Elementary read spooky stories around a pretend campfire.  Students deepened their knowledge of horror fiction available in the media center and learned about specific authors through story-telling and book talks to encourage life-long reading. 

Robert Moton


Students at Ebb Valley Elementary have been using tons of technology in their library!!  Third graders use self-paced, interactive tutorials videos to learn the Destiny Discover system to help them search for books.  Second graders were researching an American symbol of their choice using nonfiction books and their PebbleGo Database!

Ebb ValleyEbb ValleyEbb ValleyEbb ValleyEbb Valley


At Sandymount Elementary School, students have had some amazing lessons!  Students in grades three through five had book tastings to learn about this year's Black Eyed Susan Nominees!


Students at Sandymount also worked collaboratively to create a mosaic artwork for the library.  First graders also practiced alphabetical order by coding with Bee-Bots!!



Students at West Middle School just supported their school library by particip

ating in their 2018 Read-A-Thon.  Reading, prizes and food!!  Awesome!!!