What Do Our Students Learn in Carroll County Public School Libraries?

Here in Carroll County Public Schools, we focus on integrating the American Association of School Librarians Common beliefs with our library curriculum.  Identified in the National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries (2018), the Common Beliefs provide a sound foundation in which to prepare our students for their future. 

The Common Beliefs are:

  1. The school library is a unique and essential part of the learning community.
  2. Qualified school librarians lead effective school libraries.
  3. Learners should be prepared for college, career, and life.
  4. Reading is the core of personal and academic competency.
  5. Intellectual freedom is every learner’s right.  
  6. Information technologies must be appropriately integrated and equitably available. 

Our school libraries provide students an exciting place for both working and learning, and it provides access and instruction to resources and technology. 


Our CCPS school librarians integrate themselves into the fabric of the school to become an essential part of their learning community.  They collaborate with classroom teachers to develop appropriate and exciting projects. 


Our school librarians use stories to engage learners as well as to support, supplement, and elevate their literary experiences.  They use motivational reading initiatives such as Battle of the Books, Locked In To Reading, or other school based programs to excite students about reading.  Libraries have current technology and digital and print materials available to students.      


Our school librarians provide and showcase information technology that supports our students need for information.  Our school libraries work to foster what students are interested in as well as academic success.  Students having this access now prepares them for continual success in college, their careers, and their life.

Adapted from https://standards.aasl.org/beliefs/