Through the Social Studies electives, students are offered a variety of courses to further their understandings of the social sciences, to develop knowledge and skills related to their specific post-secondary goals, and to enrich their learning experience.  CCPS' Social Studies elective course offerings include:

American Revolution/Civil War which allows students to examine the causes, events, and results of both conflicts. 

Ancient & Medieval History that explores the development of political systems, economics, and cultures of peoples from the Sumerians to those of the Middle Ages. 
Economics which encourages students to examine scarcity, demand, supply, the business cycle, and the role of government through the United States' mixed market economy.  Opportunities are provided to examine economic systems, current economic problems, and the global economy.
Issues in American Society which provides an opportunity for students to examine issues and problems which confront Americans today from a variety of perspectives. 
International Studies to promote student awareness of current international problems, tensions, and conflicts.  Opportunities are provided to examine US foreign policy interests and issues and current world hot spots. 
Political Science which promotes student investigation of politics and government through a variety of historical and contemporary topics.
Psychology that allows students to think about themselves and their actions.  Students examine biological influences on behavior, intelligence and conditioning, personality and psychological disorders.
Sociology to expose students to the fundamentals of sociology through an investigation of the components of culture, social behaviors of individuals in society, and current social problems.
World Geography which exposes students to geographic knowledge and skills to expose them to investigate developed and developing nations, local, national, and global environmental issues, and linkages between physical and human characteristics of regions.