Social studies curriculum and instruction in Carroll County is designed to prepare all students to be active, responsible citizens of a diverse, democratic society in a larger global community. Throughout their social studies experience, students develop their understandings of their community, nation, and world and refine their critical thinking and problem solving skills.
Development of Carroll County’s high school curriculum is guided by the standards and objectives set forth by the Voluntary State Curriculum (VSC). These guiding standards promote access to consistent, high quality curriculum and instruction for all students.   
In high school, students in Carroll County will continue to develop their understandings of the community, nation and world as well as refine the essential skills established in elementary and middle school. Students must successfully complete a course in Government, United States History, and World History to meet the Social Studies requirements for graduation. In addition, students must meet the Government High School Assessment requirement.         


High School Required Social Studies Courses
American Government or AP United States Government & Politics
United States History or AP United States History
World History or AP World History


High school students can pursue a number of elective courses to further their Social Studies education. The elective program allows students to select courses that support their interests and post-secondary goals.  
To support students and teachers, the Social Studies Department aligns Carroll County’s high school curriculum with the VSC, leads the development of curriculum, and facilitates professional development so that teachers can effectively implement the curriculum and promote achievement for all students.
For additional information, please contact:
Joseph N. Carr, Acting Supervisor of Secondary Social Studies
Darlene Peterson, Administrative Assistant