Students enrolled in high school Physical Education are introduced to a variety of physical activities that enable all students to meet individual health-related and skill-related fitness standards that are challenging and self-directed. Emphasis will be placed on concepts of personal fitness and knowledge to achieve and maintain a healthy level of physical fitness. Students will participate in a variety of sport theme activities that can be used for lifetime recreation and personal fitness.

students in physical education class 

The high school curriculum is based on the following themes: fitness, throwing and catching, striking, and speed/timing/accuracy a variety of sport skills and physical activity will be used to reinforce these themes to enhance a lifetime of physical fitness.

The high school introductory course is Physical Education I. This course is designed to fulfill the ½ credit towards the county Physical Education graduation requirement. In addition the student must also complete a ½ credit elective Physical Education course. 



Some of the elective Physical Education courses may include: Individual/Dual sports, Team Sports, Weight Training, Advanced Weight Training, Personal Fitness and Gymnastics/Tumbling.

All students are required to wear the approved Physical Education uniform and athletic shoes.

The goal of the high school curriculum is to provide students with the skills and knowledge for a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

For more information you can contact:
Jim Rodriguez, Supervisor of Physical Education and Health
Phone: 410-751-3056