1.  In general, the standards for scholarship, leadership, service, and character required for eligibility and selection must be maintained in order for students to remain active members. According to the official National Honor Society Handbook, the adviser will periodically review the standing of members for compliance with NHS standards. However, a member is never automatically dismissed for failing to maintain standards. “A hearing must be conducted by the faculty council to dismiss a member,” unless the student elects to resign from the NHS. A resignation must be submitted in writing to the NHS adviser. 

2.  “In the case of a flagrant violation of school rules or civil laws, a warning is not necessarily required for dismissal.”

3.  For infractions or offenses of a minor nature, the adviser will inform the student in writing, and when possible in a conference, about the nature of the violation, providing the student with a reasonable time period for improvement. Should the faculty council determine that an individual has exceeded a reasonable number of warnings, a faculty council pre-dismissal hearing will be held.

4.  In the event that a faculty council pre-dismissal hearing must be convened, the hearing and any consequent dismissal appeal will be conducted in strict accordance with procedures outlined in the National Honor Society Handbook. “Furthermore, a student who is dismissed or resigns may never again become an NHS member.”

5.  Each member is required to maintain a 3.75 weighted GPA. A member whose GPA falls below this level will be warned and given a period of one semester to raise his/her GPA to the minimum level. Each member’s GPA will be checked twice a year (mid-year and end-of-year grades). At mid-year, the GPA for the semester will be reviewed. If the semester GPA falls below a 3.75 weighted GPA, the student's cumulative GPA will be calculated using all credits earned, and any grades that reflect year-long courses will be calculated as if they were final grades.

6.  Members of the NHS must remain active in their NHS chapter to be eligible to wear the NHS stole during their graduation. Student participation will be determined by earned service points at each individual high school.