The school-based procedures for the NHS application are governed by the National Honor Society, and are applied by each high school in Carroll County Public Schools.  Each school chapter holds, independently, the right to admit and reject candidates for induction into NHS.  Candidates do not apply for admission, but are selected by a faculty council, consisting of five (5) voting faculty members and chaired by a non-voting faculty adviser. As stated in the National Honor Society Handbook: “membership in the National Honor Society is both an honor and a responsibility”; and “parents and students must understand that no student has a right to be selected for membership in a chapter of the National Honor Society.” The below described documents are not an application, but a solicitation for information about the candidate in order to aid the faculty council in rendering a decision as to the eligibility of the candidate for induction into the NHS.


All students who meet academic eligibility requirements will be notified and provided with:

  1. Carroll County Public School's NHS Eligibility, Selection, and Membership Guidelines
  2. Required Student/Parent Signature Form
  3. Student Activity Information Form     
    • This is used to evaluate the candidate's involvement in co-curricular, service, and community activites.  Evaluations in this category are used to assist the faculty council in reaching a decision as to admission for the candidate.  When completeing the information form, candidates should be as thorough and complete as possible.  Only activities which candidates have participated in high school are considered.  Candidate's will be evaluated on the following criteria for each category: co-curricular activites, service activites, and community activities.
  4. Four Sponsor Forms
    • At least three forms must be completed by a high school's faculty/staff member.
    • One Sponsor Form may be completed by an adult, community-based activity leader when appropriate.
  5. Optional Essay Form
    • The essay section of the nomination form is optional.  The essay can be used to supplement a candidate's nomination and aid the faculty council in their decision.  The essay may also be used to explain a student's involvement in leadership, service, and/or character if you believe the Activity Information Form or Sponsor Forms may not entirely describe a candidate's qualifications in these areas.  The essay may not exceed one page and must be the candidates sole work.  Candidates must sign the essay to indicate their statements are truthful and the essay is their own work.

Students wishing to be further considered for NHS selection will be given the opportunity to complete these documents and return them to a specified person by the specified time, to be set by the school and described clearly in the application materials. School based NHS advisers reserve the right to deny acceptance of any late or incomplete nomination materials.

Returning the nomination form does not guarantee induction into the National Honor Society.
Not all eligible students will be inducted into the National Honor Society. Students must demonstrate exceptional commitment to the 4 pillars and be recognized as a leader in their school and community. Induction into the NHS is not an expectation of any student - it is an honor for a select few students. Meeting the minimum GPA requirement is the first step for consideration, not a cut-off for induction.
Evaluation of Candidates:
All nomination forms are reviewed by the faculty council to aid the council in evaluating the candidate for induction into the National Honor Society.  After the administration has reviewed the list of eligible students and has indicated whether any name should be withdrawn as the result of disciplinary infractions, the remaining candidates receiving a majority vote of the faculty council will be invited to be inducted as members of NHS. All eligible students will be notified in writing of the faculty council’s decision.  Candidates are considered based on both the strength of their application and their actions in and outside the classroom
Students not selected for induction in their sophomore or junior year will be reconsidered without prejudice the following year provided they continue to meet eligibility requirements.