Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Middle School
6th Grade
Sixth grade FACS focuses on personal human development. Special attention is given to positive self image, career awareness, personal care, management of time and money, and food selection and nutrition. Class activities include large presentations, demonstrations, laboratories, small group work, and individual projects.

7th Grade
Seventh grade FACS focuses on the individual and the family. Special attention is given to family roles and communication, family membership throughout the life cycle, nutrition, resource management, and career exploration.

8th Grade
Eighth grade FACS focuses on the individual, family, and society. Special attention is given to managing resources and exploring issues in society which impact individuals and families. Fifteen hours of student service credit are earned as a part of successfully completing this course. Activities include individual and group projects dealing with real life issues and situations.

Pathways to Careers, Career Completers:

Education - Middle & High School Teacher Academy of Maryland

Early Childhood Education