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The Judy Center Parents as Teachers Program (PAT) is a home visitation program that is offered to families throughout Carroll County with children prenatal through age 5. Parent Educators support caregivers in preparing their child for success in school and in life.

Parents As Teachers Informational Brochure

For more information about Parents as Teachers please contact the Judy Center at 410-751-3613


What do Parents have to say about PAT?    

  • “This has really helped me to know what to appropriately expect and not expect of my child at this age.”
  • “I have been able to calm down and just have fun with my child, realizing that she is learning through play and that I do not have to have ‘structured learning time’ at this age.”
  • "The one-on-one support provided by our parent educator has been invaluable.  She has taught me so much and help me become a better parent." 
  • “Having someone take the time to talk with me, one-on-one, about parenting makes me feel useful.”
  • "Discovering new ways to use everyday objects for crafts/learning. Figuring out how to help my child communicate."
  • "Extra resource materials and ideas to expand the children's minds. The group activities really solidified what the goals were and achieved them."
  • "My parent educator has reassured me about my questions and concerns. Not only does she give me ideas about educational activities, she helps me understand what is age appropriate behavior."
  • "The program has taught me new ways and activities to interact with my children. It has also taught my oldest daughter new activities and games to play with her baby sister. "
  • "It has helped me learn about behaviors, why they happen and how to react."
  • "This has given me creative ideas for teaching my granddaughter.  It gives me information on community activities and suggestions on changing specific behaviors."