Food Resources


  • Community Food Banks of Carroll County: the following schools host a food pantry at no charge to ANY community member in need of supplementary food.
         Francis Scott Key high School: 410-751-3320       OPEN: Every Tuesday 3:00-4:00 (Room 805)
         Westrminster High School: 410-751-3630             OPEN: Every Thursday 3:00-4:00 (all year)
         Winters Mill High School:410-386-1500                 OPEN Every Wednesday 3:00-4:30
  • School Food Banks: the following schools host a food pantry to families with students attending these Judy Center Schools. Call the schools for more information. 
             Cranberry Station Elementary 410-386-4440
             Elmer Wolfe Elementary 410-751-3307
             Robert Moton Elementary 410-751-3613
             Taneytown Elementary 410-751-3282


Childcare Options

  • Looking for child care that best meets the needs of your child(ren)? Call Child Care Choices at (410) 751-2917


Maryland Community Service Locator

  • MDCSL invites you to find approximately 9,000 health, social service and criminal justice resource programs in Maryland with this tool.

Parenting Resources/Support Services


Literacy Links

  • Ready Rosie: sign up for this FREE resource to recieve a daily text or email containing 2-3 minutes videos that show how to better engage children at home, in the library, in the car, at the grocery store, or wherever you are spending time. There is always an opportunity for learning and talking that doesn’t take hours of practice!
  • Find books and materials to borrow, story times to attend and a variety of fun family programs at: Carroll County Public Library
  • Reading Aloud is IMPORTANT : Reading is Fundamental
  • Find good choices for books and how to share them: Zero to Three


Health and Dental Health Options

Vision Assistant Options

Early Learning Resources


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